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Eros Adult Theater and Gifts

Category: Adult store with arcade Hours / Entry Fee: Open 10 am - Midnight daily / Entrance $7 Submitted: Apr 19 2001 (Edited 01/31/19)
Cruised here? Rate this place:
1.83/5 based on 6 votes. The median rating is 1.
Read & Write Reviews: 63 Reviews

Address: 4812 Montana Avenue
City: El Paso
State: Texas
ZIP/Postal Code: 79903
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 915-565-2929

Moved to former location of Venus Video in same shopping center.
GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 31.7833,-106.431
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Posted Apr 15 2019:
Yesterday the parking lot in front of Eros had no less than ten cars, the reason why I decided to go in. Terrible. Not a single dick worth a fuck. Ended up chatting with this 300 pound cocksucker flamboyant CD who made me laugh my ass off. According to her the new name of Eros is "Geriatric Park."

The BBC are not going here anymore, the hot Mexican dicks same, and the gorgeous white cut dick moved somewhere else.

Have a wonderful week, love you, La Golotza!

Edited on 04/16/19
Trans Man


Posted Apr 02 2019:
Yesterday I was lucky around 9 pm. A shemale fucked my pussy and her man too. Both were too hung for anal.

Beside that couple nothing worth to mention. Two older men with limpy dicks and a cute boy in a Cadillac SVU just wanted to see my female genitalia as an F -> M trans.

Edited on 04/03/19

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Apr 01, 2019

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Apr 01 2019:
Trans Man I'm interested.

Edited on 04/02/19
Trans Man


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Mar 29 2019:
White trans man looking for big white cock. Lucky yesterday by three guys. None had done a trans male pussy. Not into anal. You fuck my pussy. I was a lesbian in the Army, now I am a trucker with no boobs but nice hairy pussy for you to fuck. Mex preferred. OK.

Edited on 03/29/19
Senior Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Mar 14, 2019

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 7


Posted Mar 21 2019:
Subject: Hi
Any trannys go here? I live by here and I would like to go and get my dick sucked by some good looking trannys if anyone has information. Hit me up at the email in my Profile so we can go. I live close.

Edited on 03/21/19
Lucky Me Miss or Hit


Posted Mar 18 2019:
Yesterday I was at Planet Fitness and decided to check one of the cruising gay apps on my cell phone, Squirt. After messaging a few guys one sent me a response with this Eros location. I am a tall, thin, almost no hair chaser and the guy was a mature bear — just what the doctor ordered to take care of my horny ass. What the heck, I decided to try it.

In front of Eros there were around seven or eight cars. A nice lady was acting as attendant. First time at Eros. Entrance fee is seven bucks. OMG as I enter a guy is getting head, pants to his knees, while my bear was fucking his ass. Of course I joined them, pulling my dick, and the guy being fucked started giving me a hand job.

My bear was such a kisser so I joined them. Fuck, what a fat dick! And what a furry chest! I pulled my sweats and my boxers down and spread my ass but ended fucking the guy being fucked while the bear fucked me like I wanted, bareback. Yes!

To this point the cocksucker was still on his knees doing us. His wet mouth going deep throat on all three dicks. Nice college type boy, tall, chubby, with a tiny dick.

A few older men were all watching and doing nothing. A nice boy with long hair and a long dick JO'd watching. Another guy with gray sweats and a baseball cap also JO'd watching.

But my grand finale, my bear urinated in my ass — yes, inside my ass.

After we all exploded, they all left the cinema and the place became empty. One patron came, an Army guy but he was a cocksucker. I was not in the mood to give another load.

After an hour or so of edging I came again and left.

Caveat: The john was closed, looked like someone left the door locked and the attendant had no key. So we all urinated on the floor. Awesome!

Lucky me, but still hit or miss.

Edited on 03/19/19


Posted Feb 10 2019:
Friday after given few hand jobs and a blow job at Planet Fitness I went to Eros. Of course I waited in my car and a few guys went in. No time to waste, I did both of them. One inside the restroom, the other behind the water fountain.

On my way out, two guys in scrubs were standing at the door. One had the smallest dick I'd ever seen, but the other was so thick but small. He did not let me suck but I made him unload with my hand and lots of saliva.

Edited on 02/12/19


Posted Jan 31 2019:
There is more action at a cemetery than here. It's basically dead. I miss the old location with nasty guys sucking, fucking, and the M-F couples that would go to find men to fuck their chicks.

Edited on 01/31/19


Posted Jan 14 2019:
Waste of time and money. Clientele is mostly older obese men with tiny dicks. The place sucks. The worse they keep trying to grab your ass or stand next to you showing their microscopic cocks. Not a single decent sized cock on a Sunday. Average age 80.

Edited on 01/15/19
shy soldier


Posted Jan 11 2019:
I agree with the Black soldier, way too many HIV looking skin and bones individuals yesterday around 7 pm.

A shaven head Latino with a fabulous fat cut cock got in and two gave him head. He had a round tight ass that I was able to caress. He was standing and the cocksuckers sitting on their seats, both older men around 70.

Three other Mexicans and a body builder type guy, also older, were jerking off and exchanging blow jobs in the front row. They keep asking me to join but to tell the truth, I'm not into older big belly guys.

For me, no action but the show was worth the entrance fee. Won't go back but did satisfy my curiosity.

I'll try the famous Canyon. I will give this place a one star. As far as being clean etc. not really. There was a lot of dirty toilet paper around the water fountain. One of the older guys took a piss next to the water fountain and one of the Mexicans at a trash can. Shitty smelly at the back and the restroom is the place were cocksuckers get fucked. A few condoms on the floor too.

Edited on 01/11/19
Black Soldier TDYr


Posted Jan 10 2019:
I was expecting action. Just found old men and HIV looking guys. Many just honest and skin. Not a place for horny soldiers. Go to the Canyon close to WBAMC and it's free. Very disappointed.

Edited on 01/11/19
Small Dick Here


Posted Jan 09 2019:
Just visited Eros. Four cars outside. Took my chance and wasted my money. All were senior citizens. One tried to suck my cock.

No idea why we keep expecting miracles. The place is a nursing home.

Edited on 01/10/19


Posted Jan 08 2019:
I hope the cadets of the Sergeant Major Academy remember those old days at the old Eros. We need their dicks so bad. Last night around 7:30 pm there was only one car parked in front of Eros. I am guessing the car belongs to the attendant. Waited almost a half hour to see if any one would get in — Nada!

Just in case I went to the back alley and two guys were standing behind a car exchanging hand jobs. None let me suck.

Edited on 01/09/19
Alex C


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jan 03 2019:
A few days ago went to check Eros out. Place was dead. A cocksucker was giving head to an elderly man when boom, the guy getting head passed out. The spectacle with EMS, firefighters, lights on and the 9-1-1 show was worth the seven bucks.

Eros used to be a great, fun, and busy place at the old location. Hope 2019 bring lots of military men back to Eros.

Edited on 01/04/19


Posted Dec 23 2018:
This place is a dump. What a waste of seven dollars. You go there and it's like La Victoria Senior Care Center. I wonder if Medicare covers the entrance fee.

Edited on 12/24/18


Posted Dec 18 2018:
Yes. Place is a waste of time. I heard it used to be awesome when the parking was in the back and men could get in a discreet fashion using a back door. Now the bus from the old folks home drops the residents around 2 pm and they stay all day long. Dentures and gray hair everywhere you look. There is no chance in hell you will get a hard on there.

Must say the staff in front is very friendly and if you ask they'll be honest and tell you don't waste your money.

The place is still listed in all gay guides but men are starting to complaint. It should have a warning!

Thanks for the feedback. I think all the bad reviews here with almost no good ones, also the very low 2/5 and median 1-star rating, are a warning for anyone who reads CFS. ~ Editor

Edited on 12/19/18

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Posted Dec 16 2018:
What a waste of money. Seven dollars and not a single person went to Eros from 8 pm to Midnight on a Saturday and pay. With the opening of the liquor store next to Eros don't be misled. The cars are men buying liquor, not looking for Eros.

And it will be worse as of Jan 2019, a cocktail lounge will be located next door.

Men in this city are paranoid they see their cars in a place like Eros!

Better if you donate the seven bucks to an HIV organization.

Edited on 12/17/18


Posted Dec 04 2018:
Do not waste seven bucks to get in this shit hole. I was there tonight. About ten guys all over 80 years old. Two skinny guys with the smallest dicks I ever seen. One was less than one inch! The place is pathetic. Look like one of those old men had a serious case of diarrhea. The bathroom was loaded with shit all over the floor. Gross! Gross Gross.

Edited on 12/05/18
El Verga Rika


Posted Oct 04 2018:
After an intense cocksucking morning went to Eros. The place was dead as if never being. Two CDs were in the front row.

Around 2 pm a mature man got in wearing a metallic cockring, so he had a fucking nice hard on. He was in blue scrubs. Of course I went to my knees but ended taking it up my ass at the restroom. Great explosive load, man.

Beside that, the only nice comment I have is the place is pretty clean to be a porn cinema.

Edited on 10/04/18
Muscle Soldier


Posted Sep 23 2018:
Plenty of action today around 2 pm today. Actually I went to buy some poppers when a nice shaven head hairy as hell Latino got in and ask for change. The accent no doubt 'Rican. What impressed me of him was his shaven head, his hairy chest, his muscles, and his strong legs. I followed him to the theater. What the heck, first time. Always curious but never tried it. Took my chance. Inside there was few guys standing around a rest room and around the water cooler. All in their late sixties and all beating their meats.

The guy waited standing at the back until he could see better. Walked all the way to the front row and a guy was giving head to another guy. He was on surgical scrubs in the floor and sucking a cub-type guy sitting with no pants nor underwear legs wide open. The 'Rican took his shorts off as well as a pair of sandals and joined them. Both took his fucking fat big headed Latino uncut meat and exactly what I wanted to see, he took his T-shirt off and fucked one of the guys — the one was getting head — legs spread in the cinema seat after lubing his pussy ass with saliva. Yes, bareback. No mercy. I joined and he let me play with his chest and tits and fuck, what a nice hairy ass. As he pulled his dick out of the ass I took it in my mouth and shit, the perfect timing to get his load. What a turn off the shitty taste and smell.

He went to the rest room to clean his dick and I followed him. The door was closed but I knocked and he opened the door. The two other guys joined. The guy in scrubs was a nice cute boy in his late teens or early twenties and the cub was a beer belly guy wearing a fucking wedding band. The rest is way to nasty to describe but as I fingered the cub his ass was full of cum. Yes man, I love it.

Must say that as I left Eros shortly after the 'Rican left the attendant said, "Thank you boss." I said, "Thank you" and he said, "Is he good or what, boss?" My answer, "He is the best" and we both smiled.

Edited on 09/25/18
Sgt I Lov Sex


Posted Sep 13 2018:
Cruising on Montana I found this place. A few cars were parked so I decided what the heck. Let me check the place out. The store itself is very nice. Lots of toys, novelties, videos, and mags. All kind of lubes. Did buy a dildo was 75% off. I guess guys are afraid of big toys. The attendant was a lady, very friendly.

The entrance fee is seven dollars using an automatic machine that will open the door to the theater. The attendant has change if you do not have the exact amount.

Inside was real dark but was able to sit in the last row. Finally when I adjusted to the light I noted a shaven head bear type Latino beating his meat in the row across from me as well as few guys in the front row. Moved next to him and to my surprise, the perfect cock for my taste. Fat. Low hangers. Nice cut head. Nice bush. No belly, just tight. I was ready to blow. He stood and went straight to my mouth. The guy just had a t-shirt and a pair of sneakers. No undies, no slacks, no shorts. He was half naked.

Another guy joined and the guy I was sucking pulled his shirt off so the guy could play with his nipples. I grabbed his ass: firm, round, fuck, a dream. Two more guys joined. One was a biker type, tiny small dick, uncut and real wet and smelly, nice aroma. And an older guy in his 60's with a big fat dick that never got hard. We were all fighting over this guy's cock.

I was so horny that I left a chance to the two guys while I went to the other nipple. We all ended pleasing this guy. There was another guy standing at the door but he just JO'd watching us. We all came in a massive JO cum shooting.

Went out and as I was playing with my cell phone in the parking lot the shaven head guy left and got in his car. Surprise surprise, another soldier by the parking decal and an officer. It was around 2100 hours — 9:00 pm.

I read all the comments, looks like they are missing the correct timing or it was just pure luck. Too bad I did not see any anal but I was ready to get laid.

Edited on 09/13/18
Young and Horny


Posted Sep 05 2018:
Wasted seven dollars. A bunch of cars there but just a bunch of older men with ED in there playing their phones, not even their dicks. Do not waste your time or money.

Edited on 09/06/18
Not The Same As Used To Be


Posted Aug 19 2018:
Was real horny yesterday so paid a visit around 9 pm. Basically dead. Dramatic change from the old location.

Edited on 08/20/18


Posted Jul 23 2018:
This past Friday I met a guy online and we were supposed to meet at 12 noon at Eros. I got there five to noon. Real dark as you get in. Would say a group of six or seven were in a group j/o session. One guy was taking dick up his ass as he was sucking dick.

Once I could see better because of the dark the crowd was mostly elderly guys. The guy taking dick was around mid 60's wearing a bra and panties all the way to his ankles. As observers, there were two or three young guys with nice fat uncut fat dicks. All Mexicans.

Did try to suck, none let me. Not even a taste. Once the j/o guys came almost at the same time and all left. The place had this intense shit odor, man, impossible to stay. After that the place was dead.

Beside me and two other guys one dressed in sexy lingerie — a guy in his 60 or 70's — and a young gay totally naked j/o a small thin dick in the front row nada. No one showed up until I left almost at 4 pm. For me it was a waste of time and money. Not my kind of place.

Edited on 07/24/18
Older Reviews : Show/Hide


Posted May 27 2018:
After wasting two dollars at Ascarate Park I went to Eros. A cute lady was in attendance and told me straightforward no one was inside. I left.

Edited on 05/29/18
Frank P


Posted Apr 17 2018:
Mr. Editor, the most it deserves is one star because the place is clean, comfy, and the seats ultra relaxing. But it deserves a zero on action.

Edited on 04/17/18
waste of ftime


Posted Apr 15 2018:
Now a clean porn cinema with very relaxing seats. No action. Add to the no action places in busy El Paso.

Because this placed changed so much I deleted the old "star" ratings from before they moved. ~ Editor

Edited on 04/16/18
Love Dick


Posted Mar 26 2018:
Agree with most here. The place is just dead!

If you really want sex go to the other Eros on far east, Fiesta, or the Adult Video in Sunland Park. I love that place mostly because the gloryholes are so busy.

Edited on 03/28/18
Pelon Latino


Posted Mar 20 2018:
The place is so dead that now they have a large sign outside saying OPEN.

Clean. Great movies but no action.

RIP. I miss the old location. Filthy, crowded, and with sex everywhere. :(

Edited on 03/23/18


Posted Mar 11 2018:
Yesterday I went to check the place for the first time. Not much action for hours except for few elderly men who JO'd watching the porn movie.

Then this shaven head Latino bear dressed in black with impressive biceps came and in less than a minute he and two other guys both in their 20's got inside the men's room. All was eye contact and crotch grabbing. I was standing next to the door so I could see everything happening. Whatever was going there was wild because of all the moaning you could hear from outside.

Finally they did open the door so I got in to take a piss and the bear was standing in the commode taking a rubber off his dick. Pants down with an exquisite hairy butt. He looked at me and said, "You want this dick... slut." Instant hard on for moi.

Must say I was pretty impressed with the thickness and solid erection he had and the fact he was cut, so I went onto my knees to play with that beauty. Even licked his balls and rimmed his ass. I had a great time sucking him until he gave me his nice surprisingly tasty thick cum. I came masturbating myself and left. I will return in a flash.

Edited on 03/14/18
Mamo Chido


Posted Dec 11 2017:
Well from bad to worse. Now they changed the seats to very comfy leather recliners but the men decided not go even go. Wasted seven dollars and two hours of my time yesterday.

Not sure, but every other store in that mall except Eros and a meat market are gone. All locals are for sale. Sad, sad, sad, the old Eros was a paradise. My ass misses all the dicks. I guess we all will end in the Far East Eros or Fiesta.

Edited on 12/13/17
Frank P


Posted Dec 10 2017:
I was very horny yesterday and saw few cars at the parking lot so decided to pay a visit. To my surprise there are new seats, 31 total, absolutely gorgeous, leather semi-recliners, and the place was extremely clean and with a fresh smell. The men room the same, neatly clean.

But no action. 4 - FOUR - hours and few guys came, seven total, stayed for a while and left. Mostly older gentlemen, beside that a tall handsome Mexican in his 20's that came in, noticed the place was empty, and left just like that — a few seconds.

I tried my best to capture their attention but no one made a move. No dick, no ass, no mouth, and no hand action. Ended with J/O to the movie, and left. Too bad the place had turned into a cemetery. RIP. Moving on.

Edited on 12/11/17
Jim Jr


Posted Nov 27 2017:
Agree, clean etc. but no action. Two weeks ago tried to get in, was closed on a week day. The store was open but the cinema was closed. Last week the cinema was closed Tuesday. The attendant told me it will open tomorrow (Nov 28).

My last two or three visits were a total disaster. A few feminine divas posing and a few very elderly men at the theater. The parade of cocks I used to see is history.

The action that characterized the old Eros is gone. I read all opinions. I think the convenience of the back parking is reason number one. Price is the same.

I have no idea why I go, I guess to remember the old good times when I used to suck cock after cock.

Edited on 11/29/17
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Mar 18, 2009

Total Listings: 3
Total Reviews: 38


Posted Nov 21 2017:
For years, two porno shops existed within doors of each other, at 4828 Montana and 4812 Montana. The 4828 store closed about a year ago. Its theater was dirtier than dirty with cum stains encrusted in the carpeting. Yes, patrons liked its alternate rear parking area so they could be less observed going in and out.

But the the current 4812 location has possibly the cleanest store and theater in the Southwest. The theater features forty seats with high-backed, slightly reclining comfortable leather seats with retractable cup holders. The projection is high-definition onto a very large screen showing only straight videos. Management is very friendly and enters the theater only to change the DVDs. There is a small foyer with access to one very clean restroom which can be locked from within. Also in the foyer are two drinking fountains with refrigerated water.

It is always sad to see a video store close, but in the case of the 4828 Montana Store, good riddance. I'll take the clean 4812 location any day.

Management promises a downstairs video arcade area soon.

Edited on 11/22/17
RIcan Pinga For U


Posted Nov 19 2017:
I always check the opinions. I remember the old Eros was wild and nasty but with plenty of action. Most businesses around this place have closed so both sides are empty.

Yesterday around 3 pm the parking lot was packed with nice cars so I got it. Talked to the guys in front both having lunch and both said "pretty much" when I ask if there was people inside.

It was very dark so it takes time to adjust your vision. Finally was able to check the theaters. Ten or eleven guys all between 60's to 80's. In the back three guys standing. all three 30's to 40's but very feminine. I was so horny pulled my big Rican pinga and two started playing with my dick. As I tried to pushed them down, no action. One with this feminine voice said I don't suck.

Went back to the theater. Sat next to a guy had who covered his head with a sweater but looked nice, maybe early 20's with a trimmed beard and mustache. Again pulled out my dick. This one also did not go down, just gave me a rubber and stood pulling his pants and boxers down. Holding the seat in front of me I fucked him as all the guys watched. The gentlemen all JO'd as I fucked him. So I'll say I did not waste my seven bucks.

Edited on 11/20/17
Frank P


Posted Oct 27 2017:
Getting worse by the day. Be sure you ask the attendant if there is any action. Yesterday I had a great time but just because the attendant came with me and let me suck his dick. Fuck, nice fat tasty smelly dick.

Edited on 11/03/17


Posted Aug 12 2017:
Agree with the other guys. Just wasted seven dollars yesterday. A Friday 11 pm and there were only two older guys beside me. I miss the smell of cum and the smell of dick. Now it's Febreze. No action.

I remember the other location so well. Friday was full house. I think they made a mistake closing the other store. RIP.

Edited on 08/15/17
El pito loco


Posted Jul 20 2017:
I could not believe what had happened to this place. This theater is very pretty, open, comfortable chairs and so clean but no action.

I remember the old location of sex all over: in the theater, in the back standing area and in the john.

Just to be sure, I went there yesterday at 7 pm. In the past that was peak hour. There were two guys, that's all. One J/O'd and when ready to shoot he stood and the load went straight to the seat in front of him. The other never moved out of his seat.

So I watched the movie: Black men doing anal to blond chicks. I left at 9, not a single soul came in.

Read all the reviews and they may be right. The best feature was the back parking area. Totally anonymous. Now if you park in the front all know you're at Eros.

Edited on 07/21/17

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jul 06, 2017

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 4


Posted Jul 06 2017:
Big Black Cock, hope you see this post. But I would love to taste that chocolate stick of yours. Where can I find you?

Since he's not a CFS member, could you add an email address or other way for him to reach you to the Best Ways to Contact You Outside of CFS section of your Profile?

Let's keep the conversation between you two and not publicly on this page. Thanks! ~ Editor

Edited on 07/07/17
Frank P


Posted Jul 02 2017:
There was an ad on Craigslist and this guy asked to go to Eros Thursday at 5 pm. A fake ad, I guess. There were two elderly men sleeping and snoring. A tall cute guy came in and wanted to suck my cock. I told him no. He got mad and tried the two elderly men. Both were so out neither paid any attention. The cute guy left after trying and trying.

Another seven bucks wasted and one hour of my time.

Did some shopping. The dildos are on sale and the salesman was very handsome. Try the store for your summer dildos.

Edited on 07/04/17
Big Black Cock


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jun 17 2017:
Frank P, I used to go two or three times a week to get head. Most sure you gave me pleasure, I hope.

But the problem is the parking is in such a high traffic area of Montana Avenue. My car has a military decal and in the old location the back parking lot was ideal. Here all see you parking and getting in the store.

My dick is always ready but I now go to State Line Arcade far west or to Fiesta. Take care. Wish you the best.

Edited on 06/20/17


Posted Jun 16 2017:
What a tremendous difference between the old location and this one. Yesterday I was there at 12 noon and left at 4 pm. Not even the old Mexican crowd goes. It's like the place had disappeared. Very disappointed. Wasted seven dollars, one viagra, condoms, and a tube of lube.

The only dick that tried to fuck me came in less than ten, yes TEN seconds.

Edited on 06/19/17
Frank P


Posted Jun 15 2017:
Monday -> Nada. Tuesday -> Nada. Wednessday -> Nada. Time to erase it from my list. Sad. At the old location it was a terrific place.

Edited on 06/16/17
Frank P


Posted May 08 2017:
Paid a visit Friday. Not a single dick to suck. Big, clean, and pretty, but no men.

Edited on 05/12/17


Posted May 04 2017:
Beto is all right. I am off work this week. Monday I had to J/O to get relief, not a single blow job. A few mature men with soft dicks in the back waiting for a dick. Sad to say, way to old for me.

Tuesday I met a guy and told me about Ascarate Lake Park on Delta St. Fabulous time around 2 - 3 pm. A three-way with two Latinos and a BBC. Man, the biggest black dick I ever seen!

And yesterday I saw an ad about a nice Black man at Eros. I guess it was all fake. Only two guys were there and both did nada. I left 7 bucks short and horny as hell. Place is no good anymore.

Edited on 05/04/17


Posted Apr 29 2017:
I hope the Editor publishes my comment. The place may be big, clean, and fancy but the action is real slow.

I think it's the parking issue. When they were at the old location guys would park in the back alley and get to the theatre using a back door. Now the parking is in the front next to busy stores, barber shops, beauty salons, and a cell phone distributor so most El Pasoans are very paranoid. They are afraid people will see them getting into the theatre.

Yesterday on a Friday pay day was empty, four guys plus me. I was so horny that as soon I got in and I sat in the seat and pulled my dick out, two did suck me, both older men in their 60's.

One made me go to the rest room and locked it. The other went onto his knees where the water cooler is but made me cover his face with my body! That one said, "Man I been waiting for an hour for a dick" and he ended swallowing my cum.

The third one was an extremely obese guy that never moved off his seat and the fourth a young guy who all the time covered his face with his left hand and had long sleeve shirt and a baseball cap.

I think the place is dying and just hanging in life support.

But since I was so fucking horny because I took a Viagra, I went to the porn shop in State Line far west and it was packed. Most of the guys who used to suck me were there giving oral to all.

One who asked me to fuck him told me he stopped going to Eros for the issue of the parking. So if you see no cars in front, don't waste your seven dollars.

Glad to publish this, Beto, and thanks. Even "bad Reviews" are good Reviews if they tell cruisers what they need to know. ~ Editor

Edited on 05/01/17
Frank P


Posted Apr 03 2017:
My fault Editor, Fred is right. Eros moved to the old Venus location not Eva. Eva closed many years ago. Sorry!

No worries! You El Paso guys are the best! ~ Editor

Edited on 04/11/17
Old Rancher and Cocksucker


Posted Mar 30 2017:
Mr. Editor, yes, the entrance fee is seven bucks. Just a tip if you see no cars in front of the entrance don't be misguided. El Pasoans are strange people and they are paranoid their cars may be recognized, the reason why the old location was so popular: we could park in the back alley and get through the back door.

Yesterday I went around 1:30 pm, only one car in front of the store. The place was packed inside. But packed.

Of the thirty seats a good twenty were occupied plus the standing crowd and a cocksucker on his knees sucking all around the water cooler.

Between 1:30 pm to 7:00 pm I gave so much head I just wanted more. For me, cum is addictive. I can't get enough. Mostly Mexican tasty uncut meat but few white and a terrific Black GI fucked my ass at the men's room.

The place has a lot of potential. Thanks for the tip.

Thanks so much for the confirmation. You El Paso guys are great! I'll have to cum over from Houston and visit someday. ~ Editor

Edited on 04/06/17
Frank P


Posted Mar 24 2017:
Victor, try the new location. Eros moved to the old Eva theater. Fuck clean, ample, new seats, and a perfect to fuck in a restroom. I had a five-way!

Even boxes of Kleenex on the wall so you can clean you dick, ass, or mouth.

Fred's Review Mar 20 said the place moved to the former Venus location. Hope that's the same place. ~ Editor

Edited on 03/30/17


Posted Mar 20 2017:
Mr. Editor, Eros moved to 4812 Montana Avenue, El Paso, Texas 79903 where the Venus used to be located. Now it has a bigger and better cinema. It opens from 10 am to Midnight daily. The Entrance Fee is the same.

No back entrance or back parking alley so the paranoid crowd is not enjoying the place. I guess they're afraid their wives or partners will see their cars or something like that. Some are moving to the back alley of the old location but it's AYOR. Now the cops are patrolling that spot.

I visited Eros last week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Slow but rewarding. Plenty of action at the mens room. Big, quiet, and clean. Better time is after dark till close. The daytime crowd is mostly elderly men.

There's action also around the water coolers and in the halls. A nice cute masculine gave me head in the front row. His job went from dick to ass including balls. Terrific blow/rim work.

Was told by one of the attendants the arcade at the basement is opening soon with rooms to cater groups of six for an additional fee.

Thanks again, Fred. Is the Fee $7? That was in a December, 2015 Review and I don't see anything newer. Sometimes I'm a little reluctant to post the Fee in the upper part of the page because for many places, it can change and no one tells CFS. You can just send me a message about the fee unless you visit Eros again and want to share more of your experiences there.

I kept the Category "Adult store with arcade" because you say it's coming soon. You're always a great Reviewer, and I'm grateful to you. ~ Editor

Edited on 03/27/17


Posted Feb 07 2017:
Heads Up!
Frank is absolutely right about the action at the back parking lot. I have been cruising for days. But yesterday two police patrol units were questioning a guy in a black car, the reason why I got inside as soon as the patrols came.

The truth is that probably it's better than going inside. Yesterday the urine and feces smell was disgusting. To my surprise the five guys inside looks like in an advanced case of AIDS, so debilitated they could even walk. My main concern was their cough and possibility of them spreading tuberculosis so common on the border.

I even made a comment to the attendant outside as I left the place that there was a guy bleeding and blood was in the toilet bowl.

Not sure if El Paso has a sanitation commission or some kind of agency to protect patrons in sex joints.

It's everyone's choice to have sex in the place of their choice but I will just be careful about this place.

Must say I went due to curiosity but left because of safety.


Edited on 02/13/17
Frank P


Posted Jan 29 2017:
Just a positive comment about this place. Tip: Park in the back. You must go through an alley to reach the back. Friday around 8 pm I got here and to my surprise a guy was getting fucked. He was in the passenger seat of a service van, telephone or cable company, by a bear-type shaven head guy pants down. They never stopped until the guy finished.

OMG when he moved to pull his pants up I could not believe the thickness of that dick and the perfect mushroom lemon-sized head. The guy in the van never moved so I went and did the same: Pounded his semen-cum-filled ass with mine. Not sure he felt anything after that monster dick he had before me. Two guys were watching from their cars as they smoke their cigarettes.

After I came I went inside the theatre. Seven bucks to get in. No one was inside the theatre so I decided just to watch the nice porn. About a half hour later another big corpulent bear type guy got in and pulled his pants down to j/o. I moved to a seat a row behind him, pulled my pants, and started to play with myself.

I really wanted to suck a cock. He extended his hand to reach my dick. I got up and he gave me head. I tried to reach his dick. Max two inches hard with some skin. I like big big meat. I let him drain my nuts. Then I went to the rest room, cleaned myself, and left.

Hello, as I went back to my car the guy in the van was getting another load. A must if you're in El Paso. Quiet. Safe. And Real Busy.

Edited on 02/06/17


Posted Dec 29 2016:
I always have great time at the 4828 location. Actually this week I went Tuesday and last night and both times had a blast. Tuesday there was a young guy that I see there a lot always neatly dressed, suit and tie sometimes, shaven head etc. As soon as he opened the door he grabbed my dick and gave me head. Pants down, lubed ass, and fucked my dick. He always says thanks or I was so hungry and thirsty for your dick.

Yesterday a 3-way with a nice tight young Asian looking soldier and an older guy with a fat fat salami. We took turns fucking his mouth and ass.

I would also say that I know lots here oppose bareback and may think I am a sex addict as I am. But even I respect all opinions. I enjoy to fuck raw.

Mr Editor, the last comment was for the Eros at 12956 Montana.

Thanks! I respect you and enjoy your Reviews. In fact, if we ever did meat I'm sure we'd both cum out very satisfied. ;-)

About sex addiction, the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom has something to say: They don't think it exists. Of course, some go by opinion, some go by evidence, some evidence may contradict. I say make the most of your life, be kind, and enjoy.

I'll fix the other Review for the Eros at 12956. ~ Editor

Edited on 01/02/17


Posted Dec 16 2016:
Have been going here for the past weeks and there was just an old man recording the films with his cellphone and eating chicharrones? Not hot.

Plus, can somebody tell me where the action takes place?

Edited on 12/22/16


Posted Nov 06 2016:
Halloween night was pretty empty. One guy got totally naked as he was beating his meat sitting in the last row close to the entrance. Three guys plus me got next to him and we all pulled our dicks.

He gave us head, hand, and we all came in his chest. I had to smear the loads all over his chest. Awesome. Love that shit.

Edited on 11/16/16


Posted Apr 09 2016:
Very nice tip. I started parking in the back. Plenty of action, then got inside. Lots of bareback sex if you're into it.

Edited on 04/18/16


Posted Dec 27 2015:
This is by far the closest and busiest place for the central/downtown guys. I discovered it by reference from a cocksucker at Fiesta. The entrance fee is 7 bucks. There's action from 9 am to Midnight, open to close.

Tip: Park in the back and if you see multiple cars go in and get your cock sucked. To get into the back parking go around the small mall and take an alley. An alternative is jump in a car and play. Usually the cocksuckers do that. I think it's risky.

I had 100% luck including fucking asses. Bring protection. Lots of BB sex. I have been sucked in the theatre, back hall, and restroom.

Enjoy. There's all ages. I prefer blue collars. Man, they give great head!

Edited on 01/04/16
Super Reviewer

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Posted May 28 2012:
I've been here four times in the past month and each time, after a brief wait, some 30ish hunk (both Hispanic and non-Hispanic) wanted to get fucked. Sometimes, you have to chase away aggressive trolls. After you insert money into the entrance door ($7), the theatre is very private and the management never enters.

Edited on 06/01/12

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Posted May 01 2012:
Both the theatre and arcade appear to be closed.

Edited on 05/02/12
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Posted Mar 07 2012:
The theatre has about 50 seats and is very dark. You can usually find action if you wait long enough. It is open until 3 am daily.

Edited on 03/17/12


Posted Jul 25 2009:
The store is nice and clean with a nice theatre. However, go at your own risk because of a very dangerous parking lot. Vehicles are often vandalized: broken windows, tires slashed, keyed, etc. Management seems aware of what's going on, but apparently refuses to do anything about it.


Posted Apr 02 2005:
This place is not worth visiting. It's in a seedy part of town, and is not ideal for cruising.


Posted Feb 17 2003:
Not much going on here. The scene seemed pretty hetero to me.

From place description/comments:
Moved to former location of Venus Video in same shopping center.

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