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Eros Video

Category: Adult store with arcade, theatre Hours / Entry Fee: Sun: 10 am - 10 pm; Mon - Thu: 10 am - 1 am; Fri - Sat: 10 am - 2 am Directions: Located east of Route 375 near Eastside Regional Park on the way to Fiesta Drive-In.
Submitted: Apr 19 2001 (Edited 08/15/17)
Cruised here? Rate this place:
3/5 based on 34 votes. The median rating is 3.
Read & Write Reviews: 102 Reviews

Address: 12956 Montana Avenue
City: El Paso
State: Texas
ZIP/Postal Code: 79938
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 915-855-7666

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 31.8101,-106.235
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Posted Apr 20 2024:
Too many drags for my taste.

Edited on 04/21/24


Posted Apr 15 2024:
Went on Monday at like 6 and there was plenty of guys but I heard the heels of a hot trans woman and rubbed a bit staring at her, didn't know how to move in so she left. Very hot person, just wish I moved closer to her when I had the chance, who knows.
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 28, 2023

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 17


Posted Apr 13 2024:
Have not been to Eros since last year. It was overall pretty active in the two hours I was there, at least twelve or more "exchanges" in the theater alone.

As always bear in mind not everyone is looking for the same thing so you do see some people showing interest then having second thoughts. I was happy with my one very thick cock choking me at will.

Edited on 04/19/24
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 28, 2023

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 17


Posted Oct 08 2023:
Friday September 13, got to Eros at 2 pm wearing a skort and white lingerie underneath. Went to the theater and just had enough time to adjust my eyes and put down my purse when I was offered some cock. Best start yet, but it did slow down for me at least did not get anymore until almost an hour later.

Some guys did seem to be having great fun which I enjoyed watching. Went to the booths, they were pretty dead so I went back to the theater. Now two other guys were actually fucking in the front.

I took off my skort and while wearing just lingerie got a bit more action. Seeing those two guys gave me the courage to try it sometime. Wound up spending two hours.

Edited on 10/10/23
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 28, 2023

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Posted Sep 14 2023:
Stopped by at 12:30. Took fifteen minutes to get my eyes adjusted then proceeded to suck six cocks within an hour. Started with my first two cock sucking at once adventure. Loved going from one to the other never losing contact with either.

Next thing I knew there was a line. Stopped at four, stood up, straightened up, and two new cocks came to me and in me. The last guy must have seen how hard I was working that he gave me a hand job.

I was done by 1:30. All the action taking place in the back of the theater, opposite side of the door, nice and dark. Thank you guys.

Edited on 09/15/23

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jul 24, 2023

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Total Reviews: 2


Posted Jul 24 2023:
I want to be fucked in the theater. The more the merrier. I'll be there tomorrow after 6.

Edited on 07/24/23


0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jul 22 2023:
Poor Lady Diana. She has a vivid imagination. All what she said is bullshit. Men there are all straight and when you approach them they call the cops on the place.

Edited on 07/23/23
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 28, 2023

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Total Reviews: 17


Posted Jul 20 2023:
My third or so time to Eros far east and it was great. I went in full fem at around 1:30, sat in middle section as I do. A guy came up to me wondering why I was alone, so I got to working on him. As I was lost in sucking he came. Then I noticed another guy on my other side. This was the first time I had two guys right in front so I continiued to enjoy.

I kind of like how here people get up and go to the back, switch sections, and of course how dark it is.

Edited on 07/21/23


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jul 05 2023:
I am a CD in my 60's and when I go I always suck few dicks and get fucked by at least two or three men.

Edited on 07/05/23
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 28, 2023

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 17


Posted Jul 02 2023:
Was a first timer in May 2023, did not go in the theater. Then in June I had my first cum load in a theater. A few days later I had my first double cum load in a single day. I went dressed up in my gurl clothes and it was pretty amazing.

Edited on 07/03/23
La Goloyza


Posted Jun 24 2023:
Fag fight, love it.

Edited on 06/25/23
Guero Felix


Posted Jun 22 2023:
How is this place, thinking of going today. But the reviews are so mixed. Another gay page says now the old farts go to get AC. Be honest guys.

Edited on 06/23/23


Posted Jun 21 2023:
Love the fag fights. Bitches that joint is a 2 or 3 in a scale of 10. Mostly old impotent men.

Edited on 06/21/23
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Guy with hat


Posted Jun 18 2023:
Hey Pigbottom, my post was on June 14 and I state last night so that implies June 13, that is the day I went.

Edited on 06/20/23


Posted Jun 16 2023:
Did it pick up? It was dead on June 14. And I was there most of the evening. I think that fag is a liar.

Edited on 06/17/23
Pure BS


Posted Jun 15 2023:
I think most posts here are pure fantasy.

The staff is rude. The arcade is a waste of time and the theater itself is like a mausoleum. Waste of gas/money/time.

The posters here have great imagination. They deserve an Oscar.

Edited on 06/17/23
Guy with hat


2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Posted Jun 14 2023:
Subject: Couple at theater
Was feeling horny last night after I had been wearing the wife's panties in the morning. I stopped by at Eros and there was this couple inside the theater really relaxed. As I walked in a guy said thank you so I kept on looking. She was gracefully masturbating her guy while he gently touched her. The guy that said thank you was behind them and started to touch her. I walked up, by this time pretty hard since I was rubbing to them and the movie. I asked if they are sharing. The guy behind them walked away and the couple really nicely said yes let's play.

I began touching her which she had an amazing thin body, she then pulled my dick out and started working it. She told her guy she liked it and I said thank you, both of you can touch it. He then started grabbing me and jacking me off. Of course I had to return the favor and started jacking him off. He was rock hard! His girl started getting turned on and loved that guy on guy. She then began to finish me off where I dropped a huge load on them.

Shout out to that couple you all are amazing hope to see you again.

Edited on 06/15/23


Posted Jun 06 2023:
Nice group of men early afternoon. Be aware mostly raw sex. Bareback.

Edited on 06/07/23

Attached Files:
Eros-Montana-Far East.jpg
(181 KB, 466 downloads)


Posted May 20 2023:
Gotta tell you about last night. Guy came into the theater with a fairly fat lady. Two of them started to get down and she was making noise. Ended up with a train on her, blow jobs, straight sex, and anal.

Her boyfriend, a fairly skinny Mexican with a long curve uncut dick, much younger than her kept jacking off newcomers to get them ready. He stood up a couple of times and someone fingered his asshole.

She ended up with at least three mouthfuls of come and cum shots all over her back. Amazing spectacle.

Edited on 05/21/23


Posted Apr 25 2023:
Usually drop by after work to find little to no one there. Just trying to blow off some steam and I'm at a loss for spaces by where I live. Good place, certainly more traffic than Fiesta but similar issues.

Edited on 04/27/23


Posted Jan 01 2023:
A Mexican rimmed my ass in the front row. Was good. The back had the same old farts.

Edited on 01/02/23


Posted Oct 17 2022:
Subject: Eros
Unfortunately, we only visit every few months. Usually on a Thursday or Friday, just depends on our schedules. Look forward to playing.

Edited on 10/17/22


Posted Oct 01 2022:
When are you and Kitten gonna go again? Or what time do you two usually go?

If you want to exchange info or times, please register and get in touch through a DM. ~ Editor

Edited on 10/01/22


Posted Sep 29 2022:
Well, it has been a while since we stopped in for a little fun. It was about 10:30 on Sunday. Not much going on. So we sent to the theater and watched a great couple getting fucked on the screen. In the dark we could hear a couple of guys sucking cock on the far side of the theater. So we found a set and Kitten pulled out my cock and gave me a fantastic blow job.

While we played around an older gentlemen started play with Kitten's outstretched leg. She asked me if he could play with her, like a good Pet should, and after a few minutes we had a couple of guys stroking their cocks and touching Pet.

With a little encouragement Kitten was soon having her pussy licked and making out with the other guy. Before we all could fuck Pet's amazing pussy the theater was closing. Maybe next time Pet could get what she desires, an amazing gang bang. Who knows...

Edited on 09/29/22


Posted Sep 18 2022:
This place is going downhill, the store is pretty dead other than the guys who go cruising and now they constantly harass them in the arcade and even the parking lot. They will lose a lot of business doing that.

I used to like the store and spend good money but will no longer go to be treated like that. Agree, the fruity guy is the worst. Out of all, you would think he would understand.

Edited on 09/20/22


Posted Jul 11 2022:
Why are the employees so rude now? That fat fruity guy is always harassing the booth area. He even bothers the customers looking at merchandise. He doesn't give them time to look around. Even that ugly Indian looking chick too.

No wonder the place is becoming a ghost store. Personally I won't go there again.

Edited on 07/11/22


Posted Mar 19 2022:
Last night an elderly CD in a short red dress, stockings, garters, and a thong was giving blowjobs and getting fucked by all there. She was divine. The best, she did all kind of dicks. No discrimination.

Edited on 03/20/22

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Oct 01, 2020

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Total Reviews: 5


Posted Dec 24 2021:
Mrandmrshotwife: We would like to meet up. Send us a private message with contact information if you are interested.

Edited on 12/26/21


Posted Dec 10 2021:
DnKitten, we would love to hook up again. Just let us know when she will be ready.

You might consider registering as a CFS Member so that you can communicate directly. Remember, non-members should not post plans for specific dates and times. Thanks! ~ Editor

Edited on 12/12/21
Tx trucker


Posted Nov 27 2021:
Place is a dump. Expensive fee to get in. Located outside city limits so lot of gas. Not the place I remember in the 80's or 90's. Don't waste your time.

Edited on 11/28/21

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jun 10, 2007

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 5


Posted Nov 23 2021:
Pulled into the parking lot late Monday night. Only around four cars or so I had doubts but another car pulled in and out walked a very handsome young guy. I said what the heck and went in too.

The theater entrance is five dollars. I was adjusting and an older fellow walked up to the young guy and next thing I could tell the young dude was getting blown. Looked like he was filming the guy sucking him. I found it a little shocking within two minutes of walking in he was being serviced. The dude sucking his cock was much older and did not appear very attractive. I guess I was a little jealous and very much missed out but I love watching so was intrigued.

More people here than I expected, maybe around seven guys in the theater but for late Monday not bad.

Edited on 11/23/21


Posted Nov 06 2021:
@Golotza, agree. Those old couples smell like shit. Fiesta is a dump.

Edited on 11/07/21
La Golotza


Posted Nov 04 2021:
Bitches ask your slut wives to douche before heading to Fiesta. Their cunts always smell life fish.

Enjoy your flaccid old dicks.

Edited on 11/05/21


Posted Nov 03 2021:
Mrandmrshotwife, it's good to hear from you. We had an amazing time also. Things have been busy. Would enjoy meeting up again. Kitten had a great time and wants to get together also.

Edited on 11/03/21

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Nov 02, 2021

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Nov 02 2021:
I am new here to this area and after reading some of these reviews, I have to say that I sure would love to know when the next theater meet would be. Or even when are the best days and times for the booths. Any information or advice is appreciated.

Edited on 11/03/21


Posted Oct 25 2021:
Dnkitten, you're really a slut and your bitch is the best whore I've ever seen at that joint. We need more couples like you. Lately El Paso is in need of good action.

Edited on 10/26/21


0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Oct 22 2021:
Subject: Night of fun
Dnkitten, we were that other couple. It was an awesome night. We have been back several times. Wife has fun, but is always hoping to run into you guys again.

Edited on 10/23/21


Posted Sep 16 2021:
Well said, T. DnKitten deserve a nice old Mexican dick up her cunt. I've seen her and she can take anything up that ass.

Edited on 09/17/21


Posted Sep 15 2021:
Girl, don't pay attention to what those bitches said. Keep sucking and getting that pussy ass of yours fucked. You deserve it.

Edited on 09/16/21


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Aug 13 2021:
Sorry to hear that some believe this was just a fantasy. It was a great night and we all had a fantastic time. Maybe next time.

Edited on 08/14/21


Posted Jul 24 2021:
I've been there in the theater and in the arcade multiple times in short dresses, stockings, garters and a thong and it always is a senior citizen gathering place. So I think that review is a product of this guy's imagination.

Edited on 07/24/21


Posted Jul 23 2021:
Fantasy, fantasy, fantasy. That place is dead.

COVID dementia?

Edited on 07/24/21

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Oct 01, 2020

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 5


Posted Jul 23 2021:
It was a fun night for Kitten and I. We stopped by around 10:30 Friday night and decided to play a new game. Kitten was dressed in a short skirt, 4" heels, and a white top. Kitten went to the booths alone while I stayed out front and looked around. After a couple of minutes alone Kitten had a guy step into her booth and offered to play. He was a little shy at first, but she assured him it was okay, so he started playing with her tits and fingering her smooth pussy. After about ten minutes I came in and we took turns fucking her. Then I stepped out to get condoms, and when I returned there was a guy looking through the door watching her suck cock. I invited him in and the three of us took turns fucking Kitten and having our cocks sucked for the next thirty minutes. She thanked us all and we decided leave.

In the parking lot, she decided to return and go see what was happening in the theater. We went in and stood in the back of the room. There were about six guys there watching the movie. She pulled out my cock and started jacking me off. We went and found a seat and that's when it became really hot. I stopped Kitten and in about two minutes she had one guy licking her pussy and ten hands fondling her body.

Then the most awesome thing happened. Another couple came in and was watching us all. Kitten asked to play with the other wife and slowly she seduced her right there in front of everyone. They started kissing and sucking each other's tits and Kitten went down on her pussy. The next thing we knew Kitten was offering this guy's wife up for everyone to fuck. Kitten bent her over the chair and held her ass checks open and had all eight of us including a CD fuck her. Kitten even encouraged me to slide my cock into her. Then Kitten cleaned up her pussy. I then bent Kitten over a chair and the other guy bent his wife over and we fucked our wives while they made out.

It was one hell of a night!

Edited on 07/23/21
Coco Channel


Posted Jul 20 2021:
Trust me, Sir. La Golotza is a total slut. She can design the next prototype for a vacuum cleaner by the way she sucks! Good luck to both.

Personally I don't like Eros since COVID but it used to be a nice place before the coronavirus.

Edited on 07/21/21

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Mar 28, 2021

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 5


Posted Jul 19 2021:
@Golotza I think it's a combination of luck and your willingness to be a complete slut. I've been pretty successful here and at Fiesta.

Edited on 07/20/21
La Golotza


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jul 17 2021:
Your story is too good to be true. Eros is dead. No one goes much less so much cum, dick, mouth. What kind of incense you smelling girl?

Edited on 07/19/21

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Mar 28, 2021

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 5


Posted May 09 2021:
It's 1:28 a.m. and I was there an hour ago. Apparently I'm not such a vers top as I thought. I paid to get into the theater and went to the far corner in the back. Some old guy came over in the darkness and started jacking off next to me. I decided to make things interesting and took out my cock at which point he put his hand on the back of my head beckoning me to suck on it. I did.

Then it was like sharks smelling blood in the water, 'cause then I sucked two other cocks but I guess I'm not good at it. I was too drunk anyway. So the first guy got distracted by another cocksucker and I ended up swallowing another guy's very meager load.

It was actually disappointing so I went to the private booths to see if maybe being a cocksucker was in my future but there were these young guys, in their 20s, just standing there hanging out, judging all of us fags. Like apparently there would be really hot girls showing up any minute, which didn't happen.

That's when the store representative showed up. She said they can't just be hanging out, which is true. I was in my booth and nobody came in to suck on my dick because of these kids and their comments. As soon as they left, some older guy came into my booth to suck me off and he did a nice job. So basically I appreciate the staff? I guess? Thanks.

Edited on 05/10/21


Posted May 01 2021:
I agree with the last post. Suddenly not sure if it's the owners or employees who think they are above it and have become so judgemental. Like they don't know that guys go there for cruising, making money off of them. I spend good money every time I go there, especially if I connect with someone, but now they just harass you. Will not be going there anymore.

Edited on 05/04/21


Posted Apr 22 2021:
Visited the place Tuesday, got an awesome blow job from a chubby cute Latino. Lots of cock flying around but I am into chubs. Went back on Wednesday and the little skinny clerk there was a real rude bitch.

Went there Thursday 1:30, sucked a 260# chubby Latino guy with a thick cut 6.5 inch cock. Went to the bathroom and got bent over and fucked really good. He left a huge load. Wish there were more like him showing up.

There is a chubby clerk there that is a snotty bitch as well. I spent quite a bit of money there and was told I could not come and go when I wanted more than two times. Too bad management lets the employees run off cash customers.

Edited on 04/26/21
El Guero


Posted Mar 21 2021:
Last night there was a nice trucker looking guy like 50 or so, sucking dick with no reciprocation like no tomorrow. He did all in the back and many in the front on his knees. Lucky me that rimmed my ass as I busted in his face.

His dick was so thick I was expecting the miracle of being fucked. Did not happen. Eros is back in business.

Edited on 03/23/21

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Oct 01, 2020

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 5


Posted Feb 05 2021:
Kitten and I have visited on a number of occasions and so far have had a great time. The last visit on Friday was a little quiet and the booths needed a little cleaning, but it was still one of the best places to go.

Kitten enjoys going and watching bi porn while playing. Since she has a great body I don't mind at all.

Edited on 02/05/21
Fester Adams


Posted Jan 23 2021:
Paloma is a royal bitch, but most guys go and spend no money. They just cruise the arcade. It's a business, put some dollars in those machines girl. The cinema is five bucks and I always get head. Always!

Edited on 01/25/21


Posted Jan 21 2021:
What are you talking about bitch? There is no Paloma there. The arcade is closed and you can fuck as it pleases you in the back parking lot.

It's full of coronavirus but Fiesta is the best.

Edited on 01/22/21


Posted Jan 20 2021:
Manager Paloma is a fucking royal bitch! Give that whore hell any chance you get. She'll hunt you down in the parking lot to get down or leave 'cause they know they don't make money if you find a good fuck in the parking lot.

This place only sees you as a dollar sign. They knock on the rooms or open the door if you’re not inserting cash. Straight couples together only need to pay five dollars to get into the theater. But gay couples need to pay five dollars each? Don't support this place. Not LGBT friendly and not worth your money.

Edited on 01/21/21


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Nov 24 2020:
Thank you to the guy who pulled my pants down, bent me over, and fucked me raw then came inside me right in back of theater around lunchtime yesterday. That was hot. I loved it. Too bad I do not speak the language.

Edited on 11/24/20


Posted Nov 23 2020:
Agree with Dicky. I usually just go to the parking, open my door, and show what I got. Enough to attract a nice cocksucker inside. After dark all the way until 2 am. No more curfew.

Edited on 11/23/20


Posted Nov 21 2020:
I’m gonna agree with the last post, this place has been getting a lot of action lately. They stay open till about one or two and bitch ass Fiesta closes at 11 or 11:30. Pretty good selection of dudes, the majority is older but occasionally a hottie.

There's a creep in a white car who looks sick like he's dying of AIDS. Will signal you from the car in the parking lot. A BJ motion or park next to you wherever you go or follow you inside the theater when you tell him you're clearly not even interested. Follows you to the rooms and tries to open locked doors. Heads up.

Edited on 11/23/20


Posted Nov 19 2020:
This is the spot! Listen ladies, nonstop dick coming to this location. All kinds of guys.

The owner doesn't like you parking in the parking lot and waiting but fuck him, you can wait in your car or get down and go into the booths/theater. They are not sticking to that dumb curfew bullshit, open till about 1 am or 2 am.

Come get your dick and ass. And wear your mask!

Edited on 11/20/20


Posted Oct 17 2020:
The best way to find a dick is to park outside and wait for a guy to open door and show his dick. Inside it's all creepy old men coughing and spreading COVID. Arcade is a waste of time.

COVID is surging in El Paso now. Take care of yourselves and each other, y'all. I care about you. ~ Editor

Edited on 10/20/20
Monster cock


Posted Oct 03 2020:
Girl with the glasses and bobbed haircut takes her job a little too seriously LOL she'll go run you out of the rooms if you're not putting money. Chill the fuck out bitch.

Other than that cruising has been picking up a little bit more at this location, mostly old or out of shape ugly. But sometimes a hottie.

One thing I really want to know and have a question about is these guys that literally just drive into the parking lot, make a creepy round driving next to all the cars, and then takeoff – without even getting down or anything. What is the point of that?

Edited on 10/06/20


Posted Oct 03 2020:
Young guy here 25 years old. I kinda like going to this spot because occasionally there are some hot guys. I have to stay in my car because I know if I get down and go into the arcade there's gonna be nothing but creepy senior citizen type men hounding me down. I don't see the use of putting money in the machine if I'm there to fuck anyway.

The theater doesn't have a better selection of men either. Most are fat old small dicks but occasionally something good comes. Be respectful creeps!

Edited on 10/05/20
Truck Driiver I-10


Posted Aug 20 2020:
Today around noon went to get some A/C. The arcade was quite busy but not my type kind of a young crowd and they don't place a buck to keep the movies running.

Inside the theater few guys were inside. Mostly older rancher types. As I sat quickly a Mexican sat next to me, pulled his dick out, and was having some self satisfaction. I got hard. He moved his hand and noticed my bulge so he pulled out my zipper and gave me a great head.

He gave me a rubber and asked me to go to one of the rest rooms in the hall. Closed the door and fucked my dick like no tomorrow.

Coincidence with bright light we both used to work for FedEx in the past.

He left, I stayed. Some nice guy was rimmed close to the screen by two other guys. Hot as hell. Great crowd.

Worth the five buck entrance fee.

Edited on 08/21/20


Posted Jul 09 2020:
If you wanna shoot inside a twink's mouth go to Eros off Montana in the far east after dark. The cheap boys do it at the parking lot. The horny married men at the arcade. Theater is mostly senior citizens with excellent cocksucking skills.

Edited on 07/09/20


Posted Jun 25 2020:
Went yesterday. It's five bucks to get into the theater. Empty for hours. Decided to leave and no refund if you wanna get back in so stepped into the arcade. A few booths with lights on and doors open.

I sucked and sat on a 8-9" thick married white farmer cock til it came in my mouth. Went to another booth, two guys sucking each other and both bred me. Both in their 20's. Walked out and into another booth where a grandad with a short fat cock had me suck him and then he shot up my face.

Didn't care about losing the five bucks in theater. Next time I will go directly to the arcade.

Edited on 06/25/20


Posted May 19 2020:
Eros is open as well as Fiesta.

Just be aware the crowd is probably ready to spread COVID-19. Not sure if uncut Mexican dick is more contagious than white cut meat. Just be sure you're aware it's AYOR.

Edited on 05/19/20


Posted May 16 2020:
Place is open. Not very busy but guys only stay in their car and never try to do anything, just sit there for hours and leave once it's closed. I am looking for action but not getting any in this place, not worth the trip.

Fiesta remains closed, it has not opened.

Other cruisers say Fiesta is open and that they've been there very recently. ~ Editor

Edited on 05/18/20
Anonymous Cocksucker


Posted Apr 28 2020:
Governor Greg Abbott decided to open retail stores, restaurants, movie theaters and malls Friday May 1, 2020. He also said his order overrules any local government that would impose a fine or penalty for not wearing a mask.

We are ready to serve those wonderful Mexican tasty, smelly uncut dicks or any cock available.

I'll be the first in line.

Edited on 04/28/20
Madeleine Ortiz AKA Madam M


Posted Apr 13 2020:
Closed until further notice. Reason: COVID-19.

Edited on 04/14/20


Posted Jan 20 2020:
Very little action for months. Same old CD's and the ill-looking guys.

Was lucky to meet a shaven head, small dick service man. Had a blast in his car. Never thought I could fuck a guy in a car but I managed to do it.

Lots of men standing at the straight cinema doing nada.

Second round was with a Mexican at the arcade. We left door open so two other Latinos joined. Loved it, did some sow balling. Never realize my cum was so sweet!

Edited on 01/22/20


Posted Jul 07 2019:
Before heading to Fiesta wasted five bucks here. Guys were waiting at the parking lot but not a soul at the cinema. The arcade had become like Sunland Park, waste of time.

Edited on 07/09/19


Posted Mar 01 2019:
Just wrote to the Diary of a CDinHeat.

After being humiliated and rejected at Fiesta I decided to try Eros. Three cars in the parking lot, two at the disabled spots, and I guess the other was the attendant's vehicle.

What a horrible night for a lady. Should go to Sunland Park, one more hour of driving, or to Petro and just suck tasty truckers? Nah, I am heading home.

I can't believe this.

Edited on 03/01/19


Posted Jan 31 2019:
Looks like now the best action is at the parking lot. Was able to suck a few cocks. Inside the cinema was absolutely dead. Two old men. One was so drunk the whole cinema had that strong alcohol odor. In one hour no one came in so I went to the Arcade.

The arcade was busy but mostly with cocksuckers. A few guys inside booths jacked off and two guys were wandering around.

The attendant was real cool and did not bother to say anything.

Saw a naughty guy at one of the booths giving head to all guys who could get in. He was totally naked with a solid rock hard dick on his knees, doing a sexy daddy as I got in. He won't let me suck the daddy but I was lucky to enjoy his pecs. The best, the daddy eventually pounded his ass like I like it, bareback. So great show as I jacked off. So nasty you could smell cum all over and the load in the floor. Fuck nice!

Edited on 01/31/19


Posted Oct 31 2018:
Must say yesterday I wasted five dollars here and seven at Fiesta.

Too many old drag queens scaring away the few dicks available. One for Christ's sake almost in her 80's. That girl goes every Monday wearing the same red dress and the same long black wig.

No problem with competition but these ladies are way too old to be cruising for sex. And they are so aggressive. No matter how many times the men tell them no they keep following them all over the cinema or if you enjoying a nice piece of cock at the restroom they keep knocking on the door. Hello, there is another restroom.

Monday is not a good day to find dick neither here nor at Fiesta.

Edited on 11/01/18
Frank P


Posted Oct 27 2018:
After an intense session of cocksucking at Sue Young and Northeast Regional Parks went to Eros to relax. If you take Loop 375 it's a 15 minute ride from NE. There were like ten cars in the parking lot.

Inside I went straight to arcade and few booths had a red light on but all doors closed, so I went to the porn cinema. Absolutely full.

Sucked a guy at his seat while another was standing and ended moving from cock to cock. Three other guys came and I went to the john with them for a private blow job extravaganza. Came back and a young guy with a tiny little dick was sucking. Joined them and he gave me head.

Moved to the corner and there was a guy with a fucking foot-long fat as a beer can dick beating like no tomorrow, but he wouldn't let me suck. Instead he spread his ass and I fucked him. Challenging, because he had like a 6'2" football player body but eager to take my dick!

I would say when I left eight guys were sucking dick, fucking or fingering ass. The key is if you see many cars it's a good sign.

Edited on 10/29/18
Mexican Vergon


Posted Sep 16 2018:
Wasted my time and money. Plenty of cars but no action at the arcade. They left the doors unlocked but when you try to get in they said no. Mostly elderly crowd.

The cinema was empty. One guy inside naked JO'd but never got hard.

Ended wasting five bucks to the go to Fiesta where the action was.

Edited on 09/17/18
Oral Soldier El Paso


Posted Sep 03 2018:
What a waste of time Saturday night. Dead. Where was everybody?

Edited on 09/04/18


Posted Aug 14 2018:
Yesterday was packed most of the afternoon. Elderly crowd in their 70's-80's. No action. Wasted gas/money/time. Not even at the arcade could I suck a dick.

Edited on 08/15/18


Posted Jul 31 2018:
Heads Up!
Careful guys. Yesterday and today a van with a dry cleaner logo been parked for hours. Same van.

Yesterday a Latina ugly as hell t-girl got out the back door. Today a gorgeous blonde also got out the back of the van. I think they're both undercover cops.

Today inside the blonde was videotaping with a cell phone. No action so far. A few guys noticed this blonde was up to something and left.

Edited on 08/01/18
Soldier X


Posted Jul 31 2018:
Dead last night and the night before. Waste of money.

Edited on 08/01/18


Posted Jul 28 2018:
Little action last night, but I still managed to get a blowjob from an older guy. Seems like older people cruise around here often.

Edited on 07/30/18


Posted Jul 16 2018:
Looks like the action is diminishing to a point yesterday I waited in the parking and only few men went in. Mostly to do some shopping. Waste of time on a nice Sunday.

Edited on 07/18/18
Sgt M


Posted Jun 25 2018:
Pretty dead on recent weeks. Best action is at the arcade at lunch tine. Not wasting my money anymore on the cinema. Last two times I was at the one inside. Not seeing any young crowd at all. Most I see are senior citizens. Must say they give great head.

Edited on 06/27/18

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Posted Jun 22 2018:
Thursdays are pretty dead. Heard about Wednesdays and Fridays being the best days with lots of younger and hotter people. Can anyone confirm?

Edited on 06/22/18
Frank P


Posted May 20 2018:
Friday was busy at Eros. Had a great time sucking a guy in the arcade with the door open so at one point there was a three-guy JO circle.

Decided to get inside. Absolutely gorgeous Mexican dicks. I was the sucking star. Did rim a few tasty asses.

Edited on 05/22/18
FedEx Trucker


Posted Jan 18 2018:
Very glad the old CD who is there every Tuesday was not there today. Lots of young meat. Had a blast sucking seven guys in a period of four hours.

When the CD is there all try to fuck her. Never seen such an ugly Mexican CD. She is like 70 and so pushy. If you see a red truck in the parking lot no way you can play, she takes control.

Edited on 01/22/18
Super Reviewer

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Posted Jan 12 2018:
It's been six years since I visited this Eros Video store, whose sister store is much further west at 4812 Montana Avenue. Like its sister store, this Eros Video has installed several dozen new high-backed soft leather semi-reclining seats with immovable drink-holders. The only disadvantage with the new seating is that the seats are so tall that it is virtually impossible to look behind you and see who is in the theater.

Today, I had great sex with a youthful chubby light-skinned Mexican man who suggested that, rather than use the theater's bathroom — quite clean — for privacy, we exit the theater and use one of the currency-operated video booths for more privacy. I agreed.

Four or five men were cruising the video booth area. If you don't lock the doors from the inside, these cruisers will surely barge right in. The Mexican man and I had fantastic sex and left with smiles on our faces. Highly recommended for cleanliness and comfort.

Edited on 01/17/18

Attached Files:
USA Texas El Paso Eros Video East 2011 03.jpg
(150 KB, 1216 downloads)


Posted Aug 12 2017:
I was bored and Fiesta was dead so I went to Eros. Three guys were doing JO in a group and after finishing they left.

I was enjoying the movie when all the sudden this guy came in, tall Latino husky, lots of ink and drunk. He sat next to me and pulled his clothes off. Not much, just shorts and a t-shirt. No underwear and was wearing sandals.

He sat on my dick and fucked my cock until I emptied my nuts. Rimmed me and went back to my dick for a terrific blow job. It was around 1 am Wednesday. Highly recommended.

Edited on 08/15/17


Posted Dec 30 2016:
The arcade was very busy last night. Mostly tasty uncut Mexican dicks. Did a few but after a fat curved uncut niner moved from the arcade to the theater I said lets go in.

It's a five buck entrance. Pretty dark at the beginnin. I was on my knees until midnight, so I ended sucking a few nice ones but also a few pretty small but tasty ones.

Very little attitude, most men there are ready to get head. Crowd is mostly older truckers, ranchers, and farmers.

Do not waste your time with the young crowd. Too much attitude. The staff is very very friendly and the store is very interesting to cruise. All kind of toys.

Edited on 01/03/17


Posted Dec 23 2016:
Action at that Eros had gone down. Lately I just cruise the arcade and if interested in someone I just open the door. Would say a 50/50 chance you will find a nice mouth or a tight ass. Inside the theatre I had wasted my $5.00 the last three times.

To the guy is asking where action is:

Outside the theatre: Use the arcade.
Inside the theatre: Stand at back end or at the mens room and just check if a occksucker is inside.

Last time I did score was at 4 pm on a week day and a nice suit and tie young guy with no underwear, fully lubed, took few up his ass.

The crowd is turning into senior citizens.
Fred wrote:
An additional post: Mr. Editor:

I did write a review. Is to the other Eros. Please make the correction.

Thanks for your great page.

You're so welcome, Fred! I'm grateful to you for posting so many Reviews I actually wish I could meet you and thank you in person.

Update Jan 02 2017: I moved this to the correct page. ~ Editor

Edited on 12/28/16


Posted Jan 29 2015:
Excellent place to just go and get head. Was there last Friday and in less than five minutes had two Mexican men on my dick, both in their knees eating my cock, licking my balls, and rimming my ass. Must say it was fucking hot. Time was 11 pm.

Edited on 02/03/15

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