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Tony Lama Street

Category: Cruisy parking lot, Street cruising, Mixed ages, Mostly straight/bi around area between Hawkins Blvd. and Chino St. Directions: Take Hawkins off the I-10 frontage road. Go south until you hit Tony Lama St. The section to Chino Dr. is to the left.
Submitted: Jan 31 2019 (Edited 01/31/19)
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Address: along Tony Lama Street
City: El Paso
State: Texas
ZIP/Postal Code: 79915
Country: United States of America

Found the tip after chatting with a guy attending the Sergeants Major Academy. The cruising is after dark, shortly after dark. Guys go to find sex.
GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 31.7601,-106.377
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Posted Mar 14 2019:
Go cruise Industrial Avenue, Hawkins, Commerce and Eastside Road. It's a good start. I get off work at 2 am and on my way home do some cruising. 50-50 chance I get a blow job. More than once have ended in a trailer and being fucked.

Good luck. Weekdays for sure.

Edited on 03/15/19


Posted Mar 13 2019:
I have gone to this area many times and never come across anything. Where about is it that the action is at or near? Any pointers or are there best times and days to go to get some action?

Edited on 03/14/19


Posted Feb 08 2019:
Took me some time to figure out the cruising because of so many truckers. Make eye contact. A few will wave at you so you can pick and choose.

Lucky with a white shaven head guy late 40's. After I waved back he turned the lights of his cabin on. I got closer. He opened the door and showed his dick. Made me a signal to join. Great blow job with a spectacular load. I asked and he said it had been four days since he last blow job.

He made me get naked from the waist down and asked me to J/O. He took my load in his hands and made me lick his fingers. After I finished with him I checked my cell and there was cruising within feet on Adam4Adam, Manhunt, Grindr, and DaddyHunt.

Edited on 02/08/19
Frank P


Posted Feb 01 2019:
I remember Tony Lama was listed here but then I guess lost popularity and was removed from the list. Also have nice memories of the cruising at the circle of Industrial Avenue-Hawkins-Commerce and Eastside Road. Guys would cruise that circuit all night long to end at Tony Lama. So many good blow jobs given.

In the good old days of Tony Lama boot factory on a 24/7 production mode you could see so many cars cruising and parking at the different warehouses with dimmed lights waiting for action all night long. Truckers were constantly loading the boots and unloading their nuts on us.

I am so glad it's back in business. Thanks for updating.

Edited on 02/01/19


Posted Jan 31 2019:
Last night as I arrived for my check it out and cruising a guy parked at a warehouse turned the light on. I parked next to him. He came to my car and gave me a nice hand job. A college-type boy with a small finger thin uncut dick.

The guys I saw cruising were mostly college types. I saw few military looking and some blue collar guys in their service vans.

I was told the military crowd staying at near-by motels is heading there.

The cruising was intense but once they hooked I guess they all went to a nice dark spot. The good part, the flow of cars was constant.

To my surprise, some of the guys used to go to Fiesta and Eros.

Edited on 01/31/19

From place description/comments:
Found the tip after chatting with a guy attending the Sergeants Major Academy. The cruising is after dark, shortly after dark. Guys go to find sex.

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