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Adultmart - Wheeling Closed

Category: Adult store with no arcade Hours / Entry Fee: Sun - Thu: 9 am - 10 pm; Fri - Sat: 9 am - Midnight Directions: Located on Market St. at 15th Pl.
Submitted: May 26 2001 (Edited 04/03/24)
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3.16/5 based on 19 votes. The median rating is 3.
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Address: 1437 Market Street
City: Wheeling
State: West Virginia
ZIP/Postal Code: 26003
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 304-232-2414

Closed, deletion pending

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 40.0648,-80.7225
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Usergroup: Member
Joined: Apr 16, 2022

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 2


Posted Mar 28 2024:
This place is permanently closed. The building is being remodeled and repurposed and this will not include an Adult Mart.

Edited on 04/03/24
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Posted Dec 07 2019:
Arcade permanently closed.

Edited on 12/09/19


Posted May 01 2019:
Nasty employees, weird bunch. I feel very uncomfortable in this place.

Edited on 05/02/19

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jan 06, 2018

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Jan 06 2018:
I have been sucking cock here for about two years. I have sucked about twenty cocks with about fifteen cumshots in my mouth. I go here on weekends in the afternoon. I only suck cock.

Edited on 01/10/18


Posted Jul 06 2015:
I used to go here at least once or twice a week to watch some porn and get blown or whatever. I have never had an issue in the time I have been going here. Within the last six months or more, the manager hired this loudmouth female to work nights. She has/had multi-colored hair, piercings everywhere, and dresses like a hooker. She's rude, loud and all of her friends hang out in the front of the store, making it difficult to get around.

It's not that big of a place to begin with. If you're back in the booth area, she brings her friends back there into the restroom and A/V area where they hang out, laugh, crank music up (to cover up their coke snorting) and carry on like fools. Totally kills the mood. Now they have some lowlife loser running around in the back, acting like he works here doing maintenance and janitor type work (he doesn't work here) and all he does is sit in the booths and stalk the other customers for sex.

The rest of us are paying for our time here. Its gone downhill. Its never been the cleanest place but it's worse then ever. Something is always broke. Doors, video players, customers. They never play all the movies either. All the videos listed as "playing all the time" are never playing all the time. The manager has only half or a quarter of the movies running at a time.

I went to use the restroom once (it's the same place where their DVD players for the video booths are kept) and there was a bright yellow post-it telling the clerks which videos to play or not to play.

Most of us use our hard earned money to let off some steam and have a good time discreetly and we're getting ripped off in the process. I can't stand the staff here anymore. The female I talked about earlier has hired her friends here. They have no clue what they're doing. She is never here doing her job because she is always next door at the black folks club or at the 7/11 getting her drugs and letting her friends run the place. This place is a joke!

Edited on 07/13/15


Posted Feb 05 2015:
My dad and I went in here last time we left Wheeling Island. I bought some lube and some gag stuff. We talked about the guys who came in the store and went in back and my dad surprised me by admitting that he'd been to a bunch of bookstores over the years and sometimes let a guy blow him, especially since my mom passed. He's 59 now and I'd do him. He's a hot daddy type. I'm 32 and not married, gay, but not out.

Anyway we left here and I told him I'd been to a bookstore off the Dallas Pike exit. He looked a little surprised but I said I'd like to stop there for a look. He said he didn't know if we had time. But I stopped. At first he said he'd wait in the truck but then after looking around the parking lot decided to come in too.

We looked around and got cruised by a couple guys hanging around. Then I told him I was going in a booth to watch a couple flicks and handed him some ones too. Right after I got in the booth I heard someone say my dad's name and ask him where he'd been lately. I turned the volume off on my movie and listened. I couldn't hear the talking anymore so I left my booth when the time ran out.

My dad was nowhere to be seen. I went in another booth with a hole and peeked in. A guy was on his knees unzipping someone's jeans right in front of the hole. He slid the guy's pants down and a fat dick popped out which he went down on. The more I watched I realized the guy was sucking my dad's cock, and what a nice cock it was. I watched the whole thing and basically creamed my pants.

When we left I told my dad I watched the whole thing. He wanted to know what I thought. I told him I'd suck his cock anytime and swallow his cum. He looked at me but didn't say anything but we were driving on 70 and he told me to pull off at the Kammerer exit. I did and he asked me if I was serious about sucking his cock. When I told him absolutely, he said come on then. We went into the bookstore there each with $5 in coupons and I sucked my dad's cock in a booth in back.

Edited on 02/10/15


Posted Feb 04 2015:
Wasn't winning at the casino till I ran into a guy there that I sucked off a couple times before. Hard body redneck type with a long ponytail. Got my mouth on his cock in the mens room some but he was too nervous.

So I took him to this bookstore and sucked him for over half an hour, making him wait to shoot. He was raring to go when I finally gave in and took his load. He was shaking all over and sweating, moaning each spurt of jizz down my throat. Juicy cock. Manly man. Loved it.

Went back to the casino and played at a table for awhile with a hot older dealer with a wedding ring. I made some comments so he knew I was a cock man. Told him I just got back from the bookstore downtown and planned on going back later.

So a couple hours later at the bookstore he showed up and let me in his booth. Got a real mouthful of cum when he shot but I was sort of prepared because his precum was free-flowing for a long time before I got the real ball juice. This guy has a real piece of meat. Beefy and a huge head. Yummmmm. Sore throat is worth it.

Edited on 02/09/15


Posted Aug 16 2014:
I agree with some other statements on here. I still stop here for two guys I suck off regularly, but I prefer the Dallas Pike bookstore. Got my usual married guy off here just before lunch on Thursday then headed to Dallas Pike.

Walked in on two familiar hot older guys in the theater. One was standing feeding his cock to the other but pulled out and sat down quick when I came in. I pulled my cock out and played with it at the back. The guy who was sucking said something to the other guy and that guy looked back at me. When he saw my cock out he stood up and pushed his cock back into the other guy's mouth. I walked forward jacking and stood right behind them until the standing guy pumped his load down the seated guy's throat. He zipped up and walked out. Thought maybe the other guy was going to suck me off, but he didn't. I think he has blown me at another bookstore at Bentleyville a few years back. Thinking about it, I think I sucked the other guy at Fritz a couple times last year. I think so because of the way he came. I was on the receiving end of the same grunts and moans and shaking. Smaller guy, big cock and heavy load.

This bookstore needs to enlarge the gloryhole and clean up because some hot married men and young rednecks occasionally come in to feed their loads to us hungry for their cum.

It's best to review one place at a time. For example, your comments for this place should be on this page and you should enter your comments for the Dallas Pike place on the page for that place. If you'll do that, it will be easier for other cruisers to see what happens where. Thanks! ~ Editor

Edited on 08/21/14


Posted Jul 26 2014:
Losing at the casino so headed over here late Friday evening. Not a clean place but a few guys were hanging around that looked like they were into sucking dick. So I walked around till I saw an older guy that sucked me a few times here already. I went into a booth and unzipped leaving the door open. I pointed my cock at him and he started in my booth, but a skinny young guy slid past him into the doorway. I told him I wasn't interested but he just stood there. So, I walked out past him and went into another booth holding the door open for the older guy to come in then locked it shut.

I dropped my pants and he went at it. I looked down and saw the scrawny kid looking through the hole and heard him mumble, "Thought you weren't interested." I just smiled and pulled my cock out of the guy's throat to show the kid what I had. Then I stood up and pumped my cock in and out of the old guy's throat so the kid could watch. I put on a show for him till I shot my load. Skinny guy was annoying but I think the older guy had a good time showing the kid up and slobbering my load down his willing throat.

Stopped here the following Saturday morning but couldn't find the older guy that sucked me off on Friday so I left and stopped at the bookstore at Dallas Pike exit. When I went in walked to the left and the older guy that sucked me at Market Street was in the hallway. I went into a booth and unzipped pulling my cock out and he came into the booth next to me.

I slid my cock through the hole and he started sucking my cock then I felt another mouth on my balls and looked down and saw a Black guy's face. I've only had a couple blowjobs from Black guys and it really turns me on. I pulled my cock out of the older guy's mouth and aimed it at the black guy's open mouth. He swallowed me to the root in one smooth move while the other guy licked my balls. Didn't take long for my cum to explode down his throat.

So hot, I stayed awhile and had another slow slurp from the Black guy in the theater with three or four other guys in there. The Black guy eventually pulled my shorts off completely and got down on the floor to get at my cock better. Fantastic mouth and great deep-throating skills. Looking forward to giving it to him again any time I see him.

You might like to add a review for the Dallas Pike place at if that's the correct one. Thanks! ~ Editor

Edited on 07/30/14


Posted Jun 12 2014:
Stopped here after checking into our room at Wheeling. My brother and I ate at the buffet then I drove over here when he started playing poker. We are both married and in our 50s and like gambling. Our wives don't, so we travel to casinos together a couple times a month.

I met a guy at this bookstore with a plumbing logo on his shirt and sucked his cock till it was hard and dripping. Got him to leave and come to the hotel room because he wanted to screw me. I checked and my brother was still at the poker table. Then when we got to the room I slid the plumber's pants off and started sucking.

We lost track of time because about 10 minutes later he was naked and I was slobbering on his hard, wet, drippy cock when my brother pulled the door open and came in the room, saying, "Well, well. Guess I got back just in time." The plumber sat up quick but my brother told him to lay back and relax. My brother stripped out of his clothes and laid down beside the plumber. I sucked them both for over an hour, two loads out of the plumber, one down my throat and one in my ass while I swallowed my brother's hot jizz.

By the way I've sucked my older brother's cock for over 30 years on and off, ever since I caught him making a friend of mine suck his dick in our basement when he was 18 or so. He's never sucked a cock far as I know.

Edited on 06/19/14


Posted Jun 12 2014:
Drove over here after gambling at the casino for a few hours feeling horny. Caught a good-looking chunky guy with long hair jacking his fat cock in a booth with his door cracked open. Went in and sucked his hard cock for awhile then talked him into coming back to my room at Wheeling so I could finish him off.

Man, this guy's cock was juicy. I got as much precum as cum after I stripped him naked and pushed him back on my bed. I think he liked it because he said he was going downstairs to gamble awhile and if I was still around maybe I could suck him off again. I kept him in my sights for a little over an hour, checking in with him asking how he was doing.

Then when I went up to him he squeezed his cock in his pants and asked me if I wanted it again. I nodded and he followed me upstairs for round two. Delicious juicy cock. Hoping to make it a regular thing while I'm gambling there.

Edited on 06/18/14


Posted Apr 14 2014:
I'd rather meet someone here and go somewhere else for action. I had a hotel room in town a few Fridays ago and did well. I sucked four nice dicks and got a trucker to stay over and sucked on his cock on and off all night.

First was a guy I've sucked before, a hunky muscular guy with a ponytail with the sweetest cum. Second was a married guy with a nice hairy body and a short but fat and rockhard cock. I had him shaking, he liked my sucking so much. He kept taking pictures of me sucking, he said for his wife. Third was a young guy around 25, a chunky unshaved redhead with a thick bush and big fat cock. His piss slit was leaking as I pulled it out of his shorts, I guess with anticipation. I've sucked him off before at the Kammerer bookstore a few times. Love his cock.

Last was a trucker who rode to the bookstore with another trucker who ended up getting his cock sucked at the bookstore. I stood outside the booth with my trucker watching a skinny black kid suck his friend's cock. At first the door was just open a crack but the trucker getting sucked liked being watched because he opened the door about a foot so we could get a good look. While we watched I rubbed my trucker's cock through his pants then pulled it out and jacked it in the hallway while we watched. I tried to bend over and suck it but he wouldn't let me in front of the other trucker. When the black kid swallowed his load we moved and the trucker let me get a taste of his leaking cock.

He told the other trucker he would get a ride. Then he agreed to come to my hotel room where I got three loads over the whole night and a ton of precum. I'm sure I drained his balls. Even had my tongue up his manly asshole. Made plans for a round two.

Edited on 04/21/14


Posted Mar 13 2014:
Came over from Wheeling Island while the other half was losing my money at the tables. Nothing was going on here that I was interested in so I made a quick trip to the Dallas Pike bookstore. Got some head through a big hole in the arcade from a good looking black guy. Got me bone hard watching and he kept saying, "Yeah, give me that big pink." Have to say I liked seeing my pink dick sliding into his big black lips. He really had me going. I kept pulling back to make it last. When I started leaking he kept slurping it in moaning. Bothered me for just a second because there were two or three other guys standing in the hall right outside the booths. I figured they knew the score so I just went with it and let him slurp and slosh and moan as much as he wanted. I'm sure they heard him say, "Big fat white cock... Um yeah juice... Feed me your cum." When I pulled out of his mouth again he asked if I was ready to cum. I told him I was close and he said let me in. I didn't think long and let him in. Sounded like a lot of scuffling around as one of the guys from the hall rushed in the booth beside us. The black guy got down on me and a face appeared in the hole watching. Didn't take long for my balls to empty down his throat. Nice place.

Editor's Note: The Dallas Pike place is probably one of the two listed below. We encourage you to post reviews at the page for the actual place where the action takes place. Thanks!

Edited on 03/20/14


Posted Jan 19 2014:
Met my married Wheeling Island dealer here today. Sucked on his fat cock in a booth for awhile and got his precum flowing. He got a phone call and talked to someone while I slurped away on his juicy cock and balls. He hung up then stopped me and asked if I minded driving him somewhere. Then I took him back to the WI Hotel to pick up a young friend of his who also works there. We met him in the parking lot.

After we picked the young guy up my dealer friend told me where to drive my van and where to park. After I parked he said to the kid, "Hope you don't mind J___. This guy likes to suck my cock." Then went in the back, dropped his pants and sat down on one of the captain chairs, opening his legs for me.

I went down on his cock and didn't come up for air till his load filled my throat, some stringing out the side of my mouth. The kid just watched it all pulling at his pants, moving his dick around inside.

The dealer told the young guy to come in back and grabbed him by the hips positioning him in front of me. Then he reached around and unsnapped his pants, pulling them and his boxers down. When his hard dick popped out the dealer grabbed it and pulled it into my mouth.

The dealer had a good time pushing my head down on the kid's dick and sliding it in and out of my mouth, hitting me in the face with it and pushing it back in again. Eventually I swallowed his load.

We played around for a good while and I sucked both cocks at once. Nice loads. The dealer's cum load is huge, thick and creamy with a musky manly taste. The kid's cum is thick too, but sweeter. Yum, hot time.

Edited on 01/24/14


Posted Dec 29 2013:
This bookstore is OK, but I prefer the other two on Rt. 70. One is across the road from the truck stop at Dallas Pike exit and the other is off the Kammerer exit near Bentleyville.

My wife won't suck cock. We were into the swinging thing years ago so anytime I pressured her for a blowjob we ended up at a swinging event or with another couple or guy. She got mad if a female sucked my cock. But, she had no trouble watching a guy suck me. In fact she really got into it. Once I was hard she would shove me into her to finish.

For the last several years she hasn't wanted my cock anywhere near her. I know this sounds screwed up but her gay brother is her best friend and she tells him everything. He knows we don't have sex so he told her he'd "do me" anytime. She decided that was a good plan and told me her brother would start sucking me off to keep me happy.

I love getting my cock sucked so after I got over the idea of him being my brother-in-law, I met him at the Wheeling bookstore. But, this just isn't a clean place. Maybe I was just getting cold feet. Not sure but I drove us to the Fritz at Dallas Pike.

He told me to relax. He said just go in a booth with a hole and when you're ready just step up to the hole. He said he'd take it from there. I did that but the face at the hole was not my brother-in-law. I thought about it then let him get a few licks of my dickhead and zipped up.

I waited till he left and my brother-in-law's face appeared and I was ready. I pulled my cock out and fed it to him till he had me hard and dripping. He said he wanted to come in my booth to finish me. He came in and I pumped his head like a pussy. He sucked my asshole, licked my nuts, and sucked my cock. I shot more juice than I have in years down his throat while a guy looked through the hole watching it all.

Went back to Fritz the next day so he could eat my cock in the theater where a friend of his helped out. Four older guys moved close to watch them work the jizz out of my nuts.

FYI: Fritz: Kammerer: ~ Editor

Edited on 01/06/14


Posted Dec 21 2013:
Subject: New to this
I'm new to this. I'm looking for the place at Dallas Pike and where the Kammerer place is at?

Edited on 12/27/13


Posted Dec 06 2013:
Never have any luck here. I stopped here many times and ended up jacking myself off. Couple old guys were in back when I was here once but I wasn't interested. When I went out front to get more tokens no one was there. Don't know where the clerk went. I went in back again and heard talking in one booth and then clothes sliding off. Then I could hear dick sucking. Not sure but I think the clerk was getting his knob polished. Maybe he needed something to keep him awake. Didn't take long till I heard moaning and some cum grunts. Next time I went out front the clerk was there.

I go to some other bookstores too so when I left I stopped at Dallas Pike and spent about $2 in a gloryhole booth. Didn't give my cock to either of the 2 guys who reached through to get my attention. But later I got sucked off when I stopped at Kammerer. A big bearded guy with a cap followed me from one booth to another till I pulled my cock out. He gave me a great blowjob. He really emptied my balls. Felt great. Think I'll just stop there first next time.

Edited on 12/11/13


Posted Nov 11 2013:
I'm the guy that sucked all those loads out of the married guy from the casino. I did suck him off at a PA bookstore where I worked lots of times. Man his dick is nice. It's fat with a big head even when it's soft. He's nice and hairy and smells like a man and loves his balls licked. I'd eat his load every day.

Couple days ago I ran into him in the casino then met him here at the bookstore. I swallowed his dick and slobbered all over his balls till he shot down my throat. Man, is he hot. I don't care how many times I suck his dick. I still fantasize about eating his load.

Today I just got back from sucking a nice guy's dick. Started in the bookstore then finished him in his truck. Long-haired guy with a hard, juicy dick and a sweet load.

Edited on 11/18/13
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jan 15, 2010

Total Listings: -1
Total Reviews: 37


Posted Oct 04 2013:
Went on Wednesday night about 9. No one there and left after 15 minutes. Plenty of gloryholes and buddy windows. Seems to have potential.

Edited on 10/10/13


Posted Sep 25 2013:
Still trying to hookup with the guy I used to suck pretty regular. (See my post Oct. 15, 2012) Mid to late 50's, good-looking, not tall, athletic build, greying, mustache. Not sure if you come here, but saw you at Dallas Pike, so maybe. Talked to a friend of mine who was there several times when I sucked your dick. He says he saw you at the casino a few times where he works. He was also at the Kammerer bookstore when I sucked your dick sometimes. So he knows what you look like. He got your load there a few times too. Once he got you right after the guy with glasses at the front desk sucked you off. Can't get it out of my head. Want your load again. I'm going to make Sunday morning rounds for a few weeks, Kammerer, Dallas Pike, then Wheeling and hope to run into you. Maybe you remember me (my mouth) or my friend. Look for me. I'll swallow.

Edited on 10/02/13


Posted Aug 23 2013:
Without giving too much description I'll just say I'm a married guy with grown children and I work at the casino. I also like to get my dick sucked by a good cocksucker. Usually that means a guy. I'm pretty well hung and shoot a heavy load that gags a lot of guys because I like my cockhead well past the back of the tongue when I'm pumping cum.

Nothing of interest when I stopped here yesterday so I drove up to the Fritz at Dallas Pike. A guy was there that's eaten my load a few times before so I let him warm me up through one of the holes in a booth. Never been in the theatre so when he got me hard I zipped up and paid to go in. I thought he might follow and finish me off but his phone rang and he went outside. Two guys were there both in the back row to my left with a couple seats between them. I started rubbing my dick in my pants watching the movie and both guys looked my way.

One guy moved to the end of the row across the aisle from me so I unzipped and pulled out my hardon. Then the guy who was sucking my dick came in. He stood behind me until he saw my dick was out. He got down between my legs and sucked my dick down his throat. I put my hands behind my head as he pulled my pants out of his way. He spent about 30 minutes licking and sucking shining my dick and balls with his mouth and tongue. When I started to shoot he said, "Make me take it." I grabbed his head and shoved my whole dick down his throat while he gagged and sputtered. I held him there with my dick buried in his face while he moaned, "Mmmmmmm."

After I washed up some I decided to go back in the theatre. Only one guy was still there and he asked me if I would do that to him. I dropped my pants and had another guy's mouth on my dick. A couple minutes later I recognized the guy sucking me. He was a bookstore clerk from PA who would make excuses or even put a closed sign up when I came in so he could come in back and eat my dick. He was the first guy to ever suck me and eat my cum. Years ago he probably swallowed my juice at least 80 or 90 times. Now he just got another. Now that we connected again I'm gonna feed it to him regular.

Edited on 09/09/13


Posted Aug 10 2013:
Met a married guy here about four months ago. He works at the casino in town. I played at his table a couple hours the day I first saw him here. Wonder if he's the guy someone else talked about here. Good-looking thick macho guy. In the booth area of the bookstore I told him I'd suck his dick if he was in the mood. He nodded and walked into a booth leaving his door open. He didn't wait for me to get inside. He just dropped his pants and underwear and sat down on the bench and waited for me to start sucking. I've sucked him off a couple times a month here ever since.

Last week when I got to the bookstore to meet him a couple older guys were hanging around in back. Before he got there, a guy from my car service department walked into the back. Don't think he recognized me so I followed him. He locked his door and started a movie. After a couple minutes he unlocked his door and started the movie again. When I looked in he had is hard dick out. I bumped the door open a little and when he didn't react I pushed it open enough to step in. He let go of his dick so I unsnapped his pants and slid them down. I sucked his dick for maybe five minutes when his hot cum poured down my throat.

Probably only two minutes later my casino guy came in and I got my second load of the the day. Ummmmm.

Edited on 08/19/13


Posted Jul 27 2013:
Sucked three guys here last Thursday. First was a big, thick guy, salt and pepper hair with dress pants and a tie, handsome guy, 30's probably. He left his door open a crack while he was jacking. I looked in a couple times before he pulled the door open enough for me to step in. Sucked him for 15-20 minutes before he gave me his load.

Second was a red headed, bearded guy wearing a local plumbing company shirt, 40's or early 50's. When he came in he locked his door but moved from one booth to another until he was near the booth farthest in back. He pushed his hard dick to the side in his pants then stepped in the back booth leaving his door open. When I looked in he had his fat dick out of his fly. When he saw me in the doorway he unsnapped his pants and slid them down, sitting on the bench. His dick was really fat and hard with a huge, flared head. I slid it between my lips tasting his slippery, musky precum. I could have spent all day between his legs. All man. When I sucked his dick his fat balls rose and fell as he stroked into my throat. Big hairy thighs and a full red bush. Married guy too. Hot. Hot. Hot.

Last guy I've sucked before a few times. Tough red-neck sort of guy, but soft-spoken with a ponytail. Hard guy and hard dick. He never used to let me suck him after he came. Now though I've gotten a couple loads out of him before he starts to shove his dick back into his pants. 2 loads this time, in about 10 minutes. Another really good tasting dick.

Edited on 08/06/13


Posted Jun 13 2013:
I been reading the stuff on here jacking off thinking about it. I think a lot of married guys say a guy never sucked their dick but I'm 52 and never had a guy suck my dick for real, until yesterday.

I stop here sometimes but never went in a booth or the theatre. I just bought magazines or cheap videos. I tried a booth but couldn't find one without a hole so I paid to go in the theatre. After I went in I had to wait till my eyes adjusted to the dark to find a seat. While I was standing I watched the screen but could hear sucking sounds behind me. When I could see what was happening I started to bone up some. Two guys were on a bench in back with their pants down and a guy was jacking one and sucking one. He switched from one to the other sucking and jacking.

The guy closest to me getting sucked waved me over. I went over and sat on the edge of the bench and watched the movie but kept checking out the sucking beside me. The sucker came over to me on his knees and unzipped me but I put my hand in his way. The guy beside me put his hand on my leg and squeezed while the guy sucked his dick down his throat. He moved his hand to my boner in my pants and reached into my open fly squeezing it. Then he unsnapped my pants and pulled my cock out the top of my underwear and started to jack it. He turned my way and pulled my pants and underwear below my balls then kept jacking me. My cock was dripping and he used it to jack me.

When the sucker saw my cock he came over on his knees but I held my dick away so he could only suck on my balls. He licked my balls for awhile then told me he would just jack it if I would move my hand. I did and he jacked me and licked my balls. The guy beside me said something to me and when I looked at him the sucker sucked my cock into his mouth. I pulled it out and held onto it.

I watched the sucker get a load from both guys then moved into the back row. The two guys left and the sucker and I were the only ones there so I jacked my cock until I was pretty hot. He must have known what I was thinking because he sat beside me watching me stroke. I let go of my cock and that was it. He was on it till it painted the back of his throat with my cum. I'm thinking of doing it again soon.

Edited on 06/18/13


Posted Jun 07 2013:
Ran into a friend of my son's here yesterday. Never figured he was gay because he's a big bearded guy with a bunch of tattoos who works on the gas lines. He said "Hey" when he saw me then walked out.

I went into a booth a few minutes later with a hole hoping to get my dick sucked. A thick finger moved at the hole so I stood and put the head of my dick through. A hot mouth slid over my dick so I pushed in. After a couple minutes of sucking my dick was hard. The guy asked if he could come in to get at my balls too. I dropped my pants, opened the lock and sat down on the bench. Then in walked my son's friend.

I didn't know what to say sitting there with my pants down and a hard-on shiny from his tongue and mouth. So we both just said "Hey" again. He got right back on it deep-throating my hard cock. He had no trouble getting all 8 inches down his throat. The precum was flowing and my dick was harder than it's been in a while. He loved my cock and balls, licking and sucking, strands of precum stuck in his mustache and beard. I could see someone looking through the hole enjoying the show.

He was running his rough hands up and down my thighs and over my chest when I started to shoot. "Mmmmmmmmmmm" was all he said as he swallowed my load. He asked if I was headed home because he was headed that direction and he would suck me off again at Dallas Pike if I was interested. I was already running late but told him I would stop if I could.

Well I did stop and he was there. A bunch of guys kept getting in the way to get in a booth so I went into the theatre and sat just inside the door on the end of the row. Tattooed guy came in right after and stood behind me. Three older guys were in the theatre, one right across the aisle. Tattoo didn't wait long and got on his knees beside me unzipping my pants. He pulled his own pants down and got between my legs pulling my pants down. He started sucking me and two of the older guys moved into the row in front of us to watch. The guy across the aisle got on his knees and played with tattoo's cock. Then tattoo stood up and shoved his hard dick into the two guys mouth's in front of me one at a time. The old guy across the aisle came over and jacked me. Tattoo turned around and licked and sucked me till I shot another load down his throat. I stayed to watch the two old guys suck my son's friend's dick till he came.

Edited on 06/12/13


Posted Apr 17 2013:
Saw a tough-looking married guy with a few days growth on his face here opening day for trout, but he didn't stay long. He left with his big bone to the right side of his ... looked like canvas camo shorts. When he left I only stayed a short time then headed to the Fritz. When I parked I checked for phone messages before I got out, then saw a pickup pull in. What a rush! It was the guy I saw at Wheeling.

Reading the stuff about the Fritz and all the suckers just hanging out, I thought my chances might not be so good to get this guy. I went in before him but looked at him to show I was interested. There were three guys that I could see when I went in. I looked around in front till he came in. Then I went to the booth area and waited. He came back with his dick anticipating what happens here because it bobbed in his pants, more straight out now, but even bigger than I saw at Wheeling.

He rearranged his dick and looked at me then went in the booth beside me. I thought I was going to cum with just the thought of it. When he went in he pulled his dick out and slid his shorts down, no underwear. Nice, rock-hard, fat cock, looked like a fireplug, probably 7-8 inches or so. He aimed it at the hole and said, "Got something for you here but you gotta swallow."

I got on my knees and licked the head, giving him my answer. I sucked and licked for over half an hour, best tasting dick I ever sucked. I deep-throated so I could smell his manliness with my nose in his thick bush. I didn't even care he was moaning loud enough to hear in the hall, some of his words, "Mmmmmmm, yeah. Lick my nuts. Slurp that juice down." His sweet jizz flowed down my throat.

When we came out I got some looks for the regulars. I didn't care, in fact I wished I had some of his cum on my chin so I could slide it into my mouth with my finger to show them what they missed. Really hot masculine guy.

Edited on 04/23/13


Posted Apr 11 2013:
Great cock this past weekend. Ran into the guy with the ponytail again. Found him at the food court in the casino. Got him in my truck in the parking garage and started squeezing his cock in his pants. He pulled it out already fat and juicy. I looked around then went down on it and sucked on it till it was standing up straight.

I wanted more of it so I told him to come inside with me. We walked around till I saw my wife on a machine I know she likes, then we headed upstairs to our room. I never took a guy into our room when the wife was along before.

He sat in the chair so I got on my knees between his legs, unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his ankles and started sliding my mouth up and down his slick cock. He pushed forward in the chair so I started to lick his balls and tease his butt hole. He wanted to take a quick shower if I wanted to do that. He laid on his stomach on the bed when he came back out with his hair still wet. I spread his cheeks and rammed my tongue in his hole as far as I could. I also flattened my tongue and licked in slow strokes from his balls over his hole and out the top of his crack. He seemed to really like this. We moved back and forth from the bed to the chair, from his dick to his ass.

When he was close to coming he stepped in front of the mirror to watch me swallow his load. Last time I sucked him he didn't want me to touch his cock after he came. This time he came hard and let me suck his cock and ass for a long time after, even shoving his cock back in my mouth several times. Man, he has a hard body and a fat, juicy cock.

Edited on 04/17/13


Posted Jan 18 2013:
Middle of the month I was playing cards at a poker table at the casino for several hours, most of the time alone. My wife and my brother-in-law played some, too. We had a room on a Wednesday night. Two guys kept passing by and even stopped and played for awhile at one point. They seemed overly interested in getting my attention. Later in the evening I hit the restroom. Booth guys appeared and one said, "Having any luck?" I just laughed and said,"Not so much."

Later I saw them on machines at the bar. They sent me a drink several minutes later. I've had guys make advances before and even took them up on it a few times in the service. I also stuck my dick through a few holes at adult bookstores. Anyway I took a break and went over to the bar to thank them for the drink. One said, "We have free stuff upstairs in our room. You interested?" I said, "Why not," and followed them upstairs with my balls starting to tingle.

In the room I started to get a little hard thinking what might happen. One of the guys noticed it and smiled. They showed me they had some porn on a computer. I sat there as they clicked through some different sites. I adjusted my dick in my pants and one guy crawled under the desk unzipping my pants. It didn't take long after that. I stood up and let them slide my pants down and off. I sat back down at the desk and one guy slid a fake pussy kind of thing up and down on my dick with some lube in it. It felt great. He pulled it off and the other guy took it from there. He sucked me off pretty quick. I have to say I never really paid attention to guys walking around looking for sex so much till I found this site and now I'm kind of into it.

Edited on 01/24/13


Posted Dec 11 2012:
Great place to bring guys. When I go to Wheeling to gamble I always look around for hunky guys in the casino. I just take them upstairs to my room if I have one. But when I don't have a room this is my place of choice. December has been a good month here. So far this month I've sucked three married guys, a college kid, two guys in camo hunting coats, and a tow truck AAA driver who helped me out in the casino parking lot. Met all those guys at the casino except the college kid. He was jacking his cock in one of the booths.

One of the married guys was playing a poker machine at the front bar beside me. A chunky masculine guy maybe 50 with a full mustache. His wife kept coming up to him for drinks and more money. After a couple hours I bought him a drink and started to shoot the breeze with him. Three drinks and another hour or so later, plus, add a few more wife interruptions, I asked him if he would like a break. I told him I just had to run downtown for a few minutes and we would be right back. He hesitated but then came with me.

When I parked in front of the bookstore he gave me a funny look but came in with me when I told him he could catch a few flicks while I picked up my package. He went into the back and needless to say I followed him. It took a little time but he shoved his dick through the gloryhole and the blow job began. I sucked until his dick barely fit in the hole. Then in the same booth I practically ate him up. I sucked and licked until my lips were chapped. He loved it rotating his hips to push further deeper down my throat and pulling my head down hard into his bush. Big gusher, tasty cum. Headed back over to the casino bar where his wife wanted to know where he had been. Sounded like he said, "Tryin' something new."

Edited on 12/18/12


Posted Dec 08 2012:
I sucked a good-looking guy with a ponytail, too. Wonder if he's the same guy mentioned here. Nice guy, tasty cock. Saw him at the casino then followed him around at the bookstore when he came in. A couple other guys were zoned in on him too, a skinny kid and a tall older guy. He seemed to be focused on me so I waited until I could get him.

He went into a booth with a gloryhole and looked through the hole to see who I was then unzipped and pulled his fat cock out. I put my mouth to the hole and he slid it in. Even not fully hard his dick was beautiful. I nursed on it until it started to drip precum in my mouth. I pulled off and he backed up. I told him I wanted to finish him off in his booth.

He let me in his booth then dropped his pants to the floor, sitting down. Someone came in the booth next to us and looked through the hole. He seemed to get harder knowing someone was watching his cock slide in and out of another guy's mouth. We played until he filled my mouth with his warm seed as I rubbed his hairy belly and fondled his big balls. I've been to the casino more often just with the off chance I might run into him and talk him into a replay.

Edited on 12/13/12


Posted Dec 01 2012:
Spent a couple nights at Wheeling Casino two weeks ago playing cards. Found a dealer I liked, a big, thick guy with a good sense of humor and a wedding ring. Stopped at this bookstore late the first night and ran into my dealer coming out of a booth with a big hard-on in his pants. I said,"Hey," looking at his dick. He nodded and walked out.

I followed him out and asked him if he wanted to stop by my room for a drink later. He walked with me to my van, adjusted his cock in his pants and said, "What're you thinkin?" I looked at his crotch and he got in my van and told me where to drive, unzipping his pants as we drove. He slid his pants and boxers down to his thighs and grabbed my right hand putting it around his hard cock.

By the time he told me where to park he was dripping precum and rock hard. It was one of the thickest cocks I ever saw with a huge blunt head with balls to match. He pushed my head down into his manscented lap. I sucked and licked like a champ. I never wanted to stop.

We got interrupted a couple times and moved the van once, but I got the whole load choked down and wanted more. He let me continue sucking and licking for another 20 minutes or so. Next day I played at his table again staring at his crotch and not winning much. I left a nice tip. I can't quit thinking about him and that sweet dick. Hope I can get it again.

Edited on 12/06/12


Posted Oct 28 2012:
Hung out here for awhile last time I went to Wheeling Island. Not much happening at first. Did see an older bearded married guy get double-teamed by a couple skinny young guys. Apparently they like to be watched because they left the door open about half a foot the whole time they blew the guy.

Just before I left a chunky 30ish guy came in with long hair in a ponytail. We eyeballed each other a little then I left and went to the casino and ran into him there too. I went over and sat beside him and said, "How's your luck tonight?" He put his hand over his crotch and said he was thinking it might improve soon. I smiled and said I had to run back downtown because I forgot to do something there. He got up and said, "Me too."

When I got back to the bookstore he was already there along with a couple other guys. I waited till he picked a booth then went up to it and pushed on the door till he saw it was me. I went in and sucked on his nice fat dick and balls. I took my time and got a hot liquid reward on my tongue and down my throat. Didn't even mind someone watched through the hole while I sucked. Hot hairy guy. Hoping to get him again since he said he's from the area.

Edited on 11/05/12


Posted Oct 15 2012:
Beginning of October went from Wheeling Casino to here and nothing was happening so headed over to Fritz at Dallas Pike. Saw a guy I used to suck off pretty regular at Kammerer years ago. Greyer but still lookin' good. Seemed like you had hooked up with another guy that came in about the same time as you. Put my ear to your door when you guys were in the gloryhole booths and heard your dick getting sucked. Also caught you getting sucked in the theatre but you pulled your pants up and sat down when I came in. If you see this I'd like to start sucking your dick again. Maybe you remember me. Hope to get you at the Fritz sometime. Usually wearing a Harley shirt.

Edited on 10/23/12


Posted Jan 21 2012:
Curt, my business partner of 25 years, and I were in town for work for a couple weeks. We walked past here every day after eating, to our hotel. The second week I showered and walked back to the video store. I sat down in a booth watching. Then a few minutes later I saw a finger sticking through a hole in the wall. I just sat there and watched the movie, but my heart was really beating. The finger wagged at me some more, then I unzipped and pulled my cock out. The finger disappeared and an open mouth appeared. I stood and moved closer to the hole, letting my dick touch the guy's tongue. He slid his tongue out further, cupping my dickhead, then sucked me in another couple inches. I pulled out and smacked my dick on his tongue and held it close enough to tongue the slit and repeated until I shot down his throat, while he moaned. I zipped up and started around the corner and almost ran into Curt wiping his mouth, both of us staring at one another, red-faced. All I could think to say was, "Well, see you in the morning." Two other times I went back at the same time and Curt blew me each time, neither of us admitting what happened.

Edited on 01/25/12


Posted Jun 16 2011:
Drove over from the casino one night last November while my wife gambled our money away. Only two guys were in the arcade. One had his dick shoved through a hole, just standing there waiting. So I went in a booth that had a very small hole next to the other guy. He put his mouth up to the hole, but he could only lick the head of my dick. When I thought we were the only two in the back I opened the door slightly. When I heard the door creak open, an older black fellow with a full white beard stuck his head in. He made a smacking sound with his lips then edged his way in. "I like to take my time with a dick. Is that OK with you?" When I nodded he came in and licked the tip of my dick as he got down on his knees. He sucked my dick and licked my balls for about half an hour, getting me close but then backing off. At some point we could see an eye watching through the hole, so he made a show by slurping my precum into long strands and swallowing. Amazing blowjob. Nice guy.

Edited on 06/22/11


Posted Feb 04 2006:
Usually dirty and smoky. Small Gloryholes and two buddy booths. Minimum token purchase required.


Posted Nov 11 2005:
Hi, this place isn't open 24 hours. Got there at 1:59 am on Tuesday and the attendant told me they were closing in one minute.


Posted Sep 27 2004:
The gloryholes were closed up about a year ago when the new owners took over. I visited the place yesterday and was glad to see new holes neatly bored through the booths. They must have been made by the owners. A penknife doesn't do that good of a job. It was very quiet this day because of the flooding, but patience paid off and I had one nice cock to enjoy.


Posted Dec 29 2002:
There is hardly any action whatsoever. Several guys are looking, but it's small and cramped, with no holes to use and rooms so small it's almost impossible to double up.


Posted Apr 18 2002:
The only two gloryholes were just covered over. I have had a threesome in one booth. Very intimate. There are survielence cameras, but the clerks don't seem to check on what's going on in the back.

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