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Jolar Cinema

Category: Adult store with arcade Hours / Entry Fee: Open 24 hours Directions: Located near Rolando and about two blocks east of College Avenue.
Submitted: Jun 01 2009 (Edited 01/14/10)
3.72/5 based on 18 votes. The median rating is 4.
Reviews: 10 reviews

Address: 6321 University Avenue
City: San Diego
State: California
ZIP/Postal Code:
Country: United States of America
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Posted Feb 04 2015:
I've visited Jolar theatres many times over the years, and have seen the action evolve. Most recent visit was a Saturday night in January 2015, 10 pm to 3 am shift. Both theatres were almost constantly packed, 30+ folks cycling in and out at any given time, including a few women and CDs. Lots of wood showing, and cocks being sucked now and then.

Edited on 02/09/15

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Posted Mar 19 2013:
Last stop on my trip and it was fun. I went to the booths first and there were no holes and signs everywhere about only one per booth. The cleaning guy was always around, not sure to regulate or just bored. So I went to the theatre, about three guys in the first one with an African American guy naked going to town on his cock. I think everyone was afraid of him since they just stayed away.

The second theatre had two guys in it. I decided to stay in the first theatre and took a seat in the next to last row. I took my pants down to my ankles and started stroking. Guys kept walking up and down the aisle but no looks or offer to help.

After a good 20 minutes of stroking I went to the booths and finished up. Maybe if I was more aggressive I could have got sucked or sucked myself but I'm still hesitant. It was a nice place and a good time. Maybe I'll go back when I am feeling more confident.

Edited on 03/26/13

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Posted Dec 06 2012:
Just went to Jolar yesterday. Got there about 3 pm. A heavy set girl with a pretty face was sucking and fucking anyone who approached her. Three at a time during the time I was there. When she finished she then went back and sucked her boyfriend while others felt her up. I was able to suck three cocks, but it being a week day the traffic was slow. If you go though be ready for a very public show.

Edited on 12/11/12


Posted May 01 2012:
An interesting place. It's like a 3 for 1 deal. They have a good selection of videos. There is loud music being played over the entire store, and whether in the arcade, theatre or with a showgirl, the music will be ringing off your ear. There are no gloryholes in the booths, plus the clerks are monitoring the arcade and girls area. Once you enter the split theatre, they don't seem to mind. On my first visit I did see a 30s couple in the theatre, definitely swingers. Overall it is a good mix and I would go back, but the loud music is annoying.

Edited on 05/02/12

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Posted Jul 29 2011:
This place has cleaned up lately and is much better than it was. They have 'showgirls' in those private window booths giving private shows, video booths (many with windows between them so you can watch your neighbor) and a pretty big theatre with 4 screens between the two rooms and half-way decent seats. Crowd tends to be a little younger than other places around, maybe because it's not far from the college. Tends to be a little more hetero than others, and they get some couples around 11 pm. Last night I watched a cute blond girl suck off 3 guys and then take off her pants and let a guy finger fuck her to orgasm. I may go again tonight!

Edited on 07/31/11


Posted Apr 27 2010:
I dropped in around 4 pm on a Tuesday and headed for the theatres. I walked through theatre 1 and 2 and then returned to sit in the last row in theatre 1. An older trucker was beating his meat and after we both jerked he got up and I hit the floor and licked his dick as he shot a cum load over my lips. Then a tall straight jock dude jumped up and began jerking and cum flew all over the floor. Final work was done on a cowboy straight dude in theatre 2, a guy wearing a black cowboy hat.

Edited on 05/04/10


Posted Dec 20 2009:
Went about 8 pm on a Friday night. When you walk in the back, there are girls waiting for guys to come in their private booths. Hmmm, I had never tried that action. Going into the theatre area, there are two very small theatres with maybe 5 rows in each, but with comfortable big leather-type chairs. I plopped down in the 2nd theatre in the back row and pulled out my Levitra-hard very fat dick and in 30 seconds the guy next to me was on his knees and gave me almost the best head I have ever had. I stripped off everything and layed there for a good 20 minutes or so. Very hot. You can hear people coming in the door, but you need to be cautious because that door can not be seen from in the theatres.


Posted Aug 27 2009:
This place used to be a real dive, but they have completely redone the theatre. They split it into two theatres, one showing regular straight porn on two screens, the other showing tranny porn. Nice chairs and roomy with enough space to spread out. Easy to get your cock sucked here, especially during lunchtime and after work hours. Trannies pop in occasionally, and most of the peep-show dancers are pretty fine. $10 dances plus a $10 tip to the dancer. You can jerk off in the peepshow; hell, the dancers encourage it.


Posted Jun 18 2009:
Stopped in around 3 pm on a Friday afternoon to check out the large theatres. Very clean with great lounge type chairs with plenty of space. I found a 27 year old hot muscle black dude, 6 foot tall, about 175 pounds, jerking his meat in the last chair in theatre 2. I sat down and reached over and felt his 10 inch cock. He told me to suck it and I got down on my knees and started to work it real good. He deep throated me good and I was in heaven. At one point, I stopped and he grabbed the back of my head and told me that he knew what I needed. I slobbered and sucked on his big balls and gave him a first class suck when his dick stiffened and throbbed and then shot gobs of cum down my hungry throat squirting out the sides onto my goatee. I asked him if I could give him a rim job and offered to take his piss but he had to leave.

This is a nice clean place for some cum. It must really be hopping later in the night when guys are horned up to see the ladies in the conversation booths and then walk 20 feet to drop a load down the throat of another male cocksucker. Entry price as $10 and good for 5 hours and 2 theatres. Parking in front or in the back. This has great potential for being a cocksuckers paradise or maybe hanging out in the back and getting denched with piss one night. Mmmmm!


Posted Jun 01 2009:
This place is great and very much overlooked. Very spacious back area with arcade booths and a big two room theatre.

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